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Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cleveland
Address 6001 East Royalton Road, Suite 200
Phone (440) 922-5222

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America Reviews

  • May 6, 2017

What a scam! It looks very desireable in the beginning. Return of premiums, pay directly to you, they make it sound so simple.

My wife came down with Melanoma that had traveled to her lymphnodes. Filed a claim, no problem. Paid out for the initial visit, paid out for the biopsy. Then when she started chemo it gets tricky. She did a clinical trial for a new drug. So we were charged for every infusion she recieved of her chemo treatments and they covered that clinical drug, but because we were not charged for the drug they won't pay out. What about the 1200 bucks a pop we are charged just for the infusion? It is for the cancer treatment is it not?

I have never been given the runaround so much. Had to get the chemo flow sheets to show the drug that was used, but then denied because it didn't show how much the drug was. I said "OK we got the drug for free! So what? we are still charged for the infusion! That is the treatment part is it not?" They said the infusion in non-applicable. Say what?? Non-applicable! How in the hell are you supposed to recieve the drug then? So they confirm it is cancer, paid two small claims of 300 dollars total. And won't pay anything else! Still fighting with them on the lymphendectomy my wife had to have.

Biopsy was positive in the sentinal lymphnode but because there was no more cancer found in the other lymphnodes they won't pay out on that either! What a joke! You pay for something to ensure your financial stability god forbid that something like this could happen to you. And then these jokers find any reason they can not to pay you! Talk about a feeling of betrayal! They make you lose hope that there are still good companies in America.

So in the worst time of your lives, watching a loved one go through one of the most horrible diseases on earth, they do nothing but make it worse for you. May God d**n you Family Heritage! Thanks for nothing!!

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