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Family Foot & Ankle Specialists

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Piscataway
Address 12 Wills Way
Phone 732-968-3833

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2016

I was a patient of Family Foot and Ankle Specialists. The service seemed good and I faithfully paid all of my bills before leaving the office. I was being treated for plantar fasciitis.

However, on one visit, which I made my last visit Dr. Peter Wishnie suggested a treatment requiring expense orthodics. I explained to him that I could not afford the orthodics. He stated that he would have his office call to see if it was covered by my insurance. His office called my insurance and he said he was happy to report that it would not cost me anything out of pocket. Based on this, I agreed to the orthodics.

After a few months I received a letter from Dr. Wishnie's office stating that I had an outstanding bill of over $600. I coordinated a conference call with his billing department, the two front desk admins that confirmed my insurance along with Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield. With all of the parties on the phone we tried to reconcile the problem. How could Dr. Wishnie's office confirm that there were no out of pocket costs and now I receive a bill which keeps growing each month?

Since I suspect something fraudulent between Family Foot and Ankle and Independence Blue Cross I strongly suggest patients beware. If this office sees you settle your bills in a timely fashion, they will upsell you on services that are harmful to you. My knees have not been right since. Next family foot and ankle will send you to a collections agency named Rickart Collection systems, which they most likely have an agreement with. Indepedence Blue Cross will not provide the taped recordings of the conversations between Family Foot and Ankle and Indepedence Blue Cross, which would clear up this matter. Months later I am still waiting for the case numbers, paper works and tape conversations.

Now that I have been sent to their collections agency I have no recourse but to go to court, while unemployed.

My bill is now over $700 and rising.

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