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Family Dental Care

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1900 East Oakland Park Blvd
Phone 954-566-8701

Family Dental Care Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2018

S Simon David DDS, Periodontics

1900 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

Phone # (954) 533-0794, (954) 721-8888,


Email: [email protected]

David Simon (S Simon David DDS) located at 1900 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, phone # (954) 533-0794, does not deserve to treat dental patients nor does he deserve the professional title of a Dr. Doctors should show compassion and respect for their patients. Therefore, as I result of my experiences we him, I will not address him any further in this complaint as a doctor.

In the medical field, compassion should be comprised of four C’s; along with competency, communication and convenience, these are things patients should be able to expect from their doctors. Compassion and communication skills are part of a good bedside manner, something that medical schools strive to teach. David Simon has failed in all.

I was a patient of David Simon from years 2015 to 2017 after which I learned that David Simon should not be providing any type of services that treats patients.

I had chosen David Simon because he was listed as being part of the Blue Cross BlueShield dental network and his office address was showing listed in Tamarac where I live. It turned out that he was not practicing in an office in my town but was sharing an office with another dentist by the name of DAVID P SZCZESNY DMD dental office located at: 1900 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.

On the first day of my visit, informed David Simon that the reason for my visit was to have a tooth extracted that was causing me pain. After David Simon reviewed the X-Rays, he started talking about how I needed to have all my teeth pulled and have dentures made because of gum disease. He presented me with a chart and explained the consequences of gum decease. (Now I realized that was an upsell opportunity for him)

Trusting in his consultation and diagnosis as a doctor, I agreed to let him perform the work and have my teeth pulled and dentures made.

After David Simon pulled all my teeth, he never followed up with me on any other procedures during the process of fitting me for dentures nor did he follow up with me during my every re-visit due to pains that I had to endure because he left that task up to his Secretary/assistant-Sandy.

Sandy took dental impressions of the hard teeth and soft tissue of top and bottom for the dentures to be formed. Appointment, after appointment, after appointment, and still after appointments, they still could not get it right. Which leads to further appoints that ends up costing me more money.

From 2015 till 2017 each adjustment Sandy made lead to further appointments that required further re-adjustments being done by two different denture makers. Each pair of dentures came back with flaws. I am not going to get into describing the flaws. Each pair that was made by two different dental labs came back not being aligned properly. There are a lot of Dr’s out there who cares about their patients more than money; David Simon is not one of them. I wish that I had been warned about David Simon before visiting his office. I have visited many dentist offices in the past and I have never any issues with any of them, until David Simon. I feel David Simon is using and abusing his title as a doctor to put profit for himself before compassion, competency, communication and convenience for his patients.

When you trust a doctor to treat you, you should expect to feel better after your treatments with that doctor. Every session with I had with David Simon’s office resulted in my feeling abandon and neglected by him as trained and certified doctor because he allowed his secretary/assistant to treat me on every appointment after he pulled all my teeth. He is a disgrace to his profession.

There was once particular instance when Sandy had put some type of mixture on my upper denture to secure it. I was given instructions by her to leave it in overnight and remove the dentures in the morning. I was not able to remove the upper dentures because it would not come out. I went to visit David Simon’s Office the next day to inform him that I was not able to remove my upper dentures. He tried to remove them, but he could not either. He then told Sandy that she must have used too much of the agent. He then used a metal tool to try and pry lose my upper dentures-which caused me excruciating pain. I let him know that what he was doing was causing me excruciating pain. He just continued as though I had not just spoken to him. Looking back on my entire experience with David Simon, I feel without a doubt that his main interests in his profession was getting as much money he can from me and my dental insurance company while neglecting to provide me with the compassion, competency, communication and conveniences I was entitled to as a patient.

David Simon used his professional title to upsell me on a procedure that was not warranted at that time. My reason visiting his office was to have one tooth extracted, not all of them. He abused his professional title by not recommending that I go to a regular dentist to have the tooth extracted. I consulted with a dentist after all my futile appointments with David Simon’s office and that dentist said that all I probably needed was a partial denture. But David Simon saw an opportunity to take advantage of and profit from. His professional demeanor lacked compassion, communication and convenience.

David Simon only issued me a refund for my lower dentures. I want a full refund for the upper dentures and a refund for all the teeth he pulled except the one tooth a came to him to have pulled. David Simon could have offered me a partial denture as a solution, but he did not. He did not offer me any other alternatives.

If I had someone warned me about David S. Simon, I would have chosen a different dentist.

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