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Family Care Plus

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Stratford
Address 2573 Main St
Phone 203-377-1844

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  • May 30, 2016

BEWARE. I am a Previous employee from the main office. I was on the inside. Beware of this Company and its treatment of people. HHAs work their full week but many will only get part of your check. They always charge the client but on a weekly basis the payroll department only paying out partial paychecks to its HHAs. I saw this happen to almost every HHA, especially new ones, or the ones that do not complain. If you bring it to their attention, you run the risk of being suddenly removed from your assignment. They do this each week to many HHAs. Its very convenient to manipulate the money, all on the backs of caregivers who are rarely ever paid a full pay each week-week in and week out.

I saw this regularly too. BEWARE. Another practice is that when HHAs switch (on that day) they will pay one caregiver 1/2 or ¼ day and many times not pay the other caregiver the other half or the other ¾ day which the client is paying for. It’s a nice loop whole they capitalize on.

BEWARE. If you decide to work for this company beware that you will be paid partial payment week in and week out. The payroll department will claim that you were missing a signature on your time sheet or that the client didn’t sign it, or that it wasn’t filled out properly. It all leads to the same thing happening, they don’t pay you you full weeks work. Its all due to their mail in time sheets system. Many times the time sheets are forever lost in the mail. (strange) But more importantly it’s the way they view people and how they use and manipulate loopholes and manipulate helpless aides for their further financial gains.

BEWARE. Current company staff have put the word out, that its looking like a quagmire, because with each passing day, they are finding it harder and harder to find new and fresh meat (HHAs) to continue their money-making charade.

High turn over. I should know, it happened to me. In 2 years they had no less than 5 Directors, Operations manager or Administrator, all fancy but is the same names for the person in charge. Each of us quit or was fired when they discovered the treatment that family care plus forces onto its HHAs. Why would the management turnover be so high, if something wasn’t very fishy about this place.

Its bad enough that they are selling the services of HHAs so cheap, but to add insult, they manipulate things to their advantage, right out of the pockets of the HHAs, please read more below…

BEWARE. HHAs are charged for the transportation. They are doing false advertising, as they do not advise HHAs ahead of time and in their job posts that the HHAs will be required to pay for drivers or transport fees, which will be deducted from their paycheck. Yes, they offer, drives but the HHAs are being charged for these drives, its not free transport as the advertisement so nicely by omission implies.

BEWARE. Another practice is that most caregivers who have worked 90 days or more for the company do not all get paid time and a half for the 6 federal holidays.

BEWARE. They are looking for out of state workers, who will blindly travel to find work opportunities. The problem is that HHAs are being lured into coming to work for an Owners who are unethical and who at the turn of the wind or drop of a hat, fire them, partially pay them and terminate them for unjustified reasons. HHAs should beware that if you travel to Connecticut for this company you run a very good chance of suddenly being out of a job and could get stuck in some far away remote location, stuck now having to pay for your travel costs and make your own way back home from a remote location. In the dead of cold winter, or sweltering heat.

Because it’s so difficult to find fresh meat the current HHAs are stuck on their assignment for exhaustingly long shifts. Many of the clients are racists too.

The company does not ensure that the locations where they are sending aides to work, are safe clean and have suitable living quarters.

People should know that Family Care Plus Home care Agency is a ripoff and they do not value its employees or people, they use and rip and run over people at their whim. This is not how people should be treated in the name of Care.

They also claim to pay Live in HHAs for a 8-10 hour day, but in reality, their Home Attendants are forced to work long 12-16 hour days. With no overtime Laws to be enforced, HHAs work a long 7 day week, and long 16 hour days. Their whole thing is a racket.

They scrutinize the HHAs so much yet they cannot fulfill their end of the bargain.

Committing to work with this company is very risky, you just never know when you will be terminated.

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