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Family Business Services

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Gastonia
Phone 800-275-6008

Family Business Services Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2016

I was hired by Dan Bartlett - Sales Director of Family Business Services. Trained by DeWayne who lives in Arkansas, and was instructed by Dan Bartlett to train me. After being told several times by Dan Bartlett not to use the Chamber of Commerce in each city as my personal contact reference at each business call, I noticed 75% of DeWayne's contacts or referrals were exactly that in two of the 5 weeks that I was employed. The terms of employment states that you must get 20 quality presentation each week to stay employed but when my trainer, DeWayne got only eight my first week as I watched he run each sales call, and DeWayne telling me that he trained near 200 sales personnel for FBS over the years I asked DeWayne about that criteria. DeWayne told me that I would not be held to that standard, but wanting further clarification, I spoke with Billy Schiffiano (son of founder) - Good Will Publishers who is VP of Sales and Dan's boss. I told Billy that if at anytime FBS or Good Will Publishers were to eliminate my elected draw of $600.00/wk that I needed to be notified before that is done. Billy agreed with me and said that I would be notified prior to removal of that draw. On week five, only three weeks of traveling on my own, getting 8-12 presentations per week which is the same as my trainer; DeWayne. On Saturday morning of week 5, I received e-mail notification that I was no longer employed and that Dan Bartlett was not going to pay me the two weeks that I already worked. Dan Bartlett told me on week 1, that this is how the company worked paying after two weeks and he assured me that I would be paid for these weeks. So, Dan lied. I thought these were repitiable companies based on their faith based theme but this failure to pay for work already done and the number of times sales contacts referred to my trainer, DeWayne as using Deceptive Sales tactics which I reported to Dan Bartlett; who did nothing. Tells me that the theme is more of a fraud and their meat is more for their bellies, like the Bible says.

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