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Faith Life Church

Country United States
State Ohio
City New Albany
Address 2407 Beech Road
Phone (740) 964-7400

Faith Life Church Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2018

Kirsten joy keesee aka kirsty sky — writer, liar, plagiarist, fraud

"kirsty" claims to be an important writer with top level and very secretive writing jobs with connections to hollywood. She'll tell you that she has many book projects in the works, writes for a tv show, and whatever else to make you think she is a highly skilled individual. It all sounds nice and sounds like one hell of a hire... Until of course you start to question it. The minor detail she leaves out is who exactly she is and what exactly she works on. She unfortunately cannot tell you specifics because it's all under "confidentiality agreements". She is somewhat telling the truth about that. There is legitimate reason why her writing is all very secretive... Because it doesn't exist.

Upon further investigation "kirsty sky" is actually kirsten joy keesee. Kirsten has no real writing credentials, no degree in writing or journalism, no writing background or credits to her name beyond helping her scam artist preacher parents produce nutjob christian programming in their barn. Yes, she literally helps film her mother and father spout sermons in their barn and she acts as the "producer". As it unravels it all begins to make sense why she will not tell you her real last name. Her parents have written dozens of shady books, many of which you can find complaints about right here on yscam. Google pastors gary keesee and drenda keesee. Kirsten has had some involvement with these books by spellchecking them. That is the full extent of her book writing credentials. She also knows they are a scam and is just as much in on the crooked family dealings. Otherwise, she would have never created the pseudonym "kirsty sky" in an attempt to distance herself and fool people with a new identity. If spell checking her con artist parents worthless books is considered "writing", and helping with their lowrent tv scam show is her connection to "hollywood", then i'm a nasa astronaut because i know how to look into a telescope.

Kirsten has never written a book herself, has never worked on a movie, a real television production or anything of value. The only thing that could be dug up on her as far as actual writing goes, was a teen breakup blog of nonsensical poems about her many teenage breakups with boys. The poems didn't even rhyme or make any sense to read. She has since deleted it upon discovery.

It's one thing to say you have a writing hobby or would like to be a writer. It's another to make up absurd claims about credentials you do not have in an attempt to fool people into thinking you are highly skilled so you can bs your way into landing job offers you don't deserve. It's also morally disgusting and flat out illegal to do so while plagiarising others works. Those who are genuine writers spend endless hours writing original scripts or books that may never see the light of day just to have something in their portfolio to point at. They also do it with heart and passion. I would hate to see anyone passed up for someone like this that has literally done nothing but lie. Kirsten is a continual pathological liar. She will keep lying to you right to your face for as long as she thinks she can get away with it. I at times kept communication going with her just to see what lies she would tell me next.

If this individual comes to you for a writing job and tells you of their high level credentials please do some research and do not waste your time with this little goof. I already did that for you. Your research will bring up nothing. Zilch in kirsten's name beyond being connected to her family's scam ministry the faith life church. Kirsten has not written 1 book. Not a single book can be found under the names kirsten keesee or kirsty sky and other identities she claims are entirely ficticious. Go ahead and do a search of amazon or wherever books are sold. Kirsten's works are nowhere to be found!

Bottom line: kirsten wasted my resources, my time, and my money and time is money). Worst of all nearly everything she submitted to me was plagiarized! nearly word for word stolen from others with minor changes to throw off a trail when googling it. Hopefully this word prevents her from doing it to anyone else. Be careful who you lie to. Better yet, learn to be honest, put in the real work, and don't lie at all. One day you will lie to the wrong person who will actually research it and post it all on Yscam. Enjoy kirsten and i hope you have learned your lesson.

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