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Faith and Family Films

Country United States
State Vermont
City Randolph
Address PO Box 91
Phone (802) 552-7791

Faith and Family Films Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2019

I'm an attorney and recently came out of the theater my wife and I attended of a wonderful Christian movie. I had no idea about what this film was about, but it brought tears to my eyes.

I went to the film's Facebook page and couldn't believe that some guy from Faith and Family Films - a small little website in Vermont - stated they could not recommend this film because the Christian film company would not let them watch it. I kid you not. I researched who runs it and this guy is named Joe Roche.

But more importantly, Mr. Roche - who probably doesn't even have the intelligence to understand this - committed borderline extortion which is a criminal act.

He said the Christian company would not privately share his company the film so therefore he could not recommend the film. Did he contact the company and make this threat? If so, he committed extortion which is a Class A felony. Extortion by definition is obtaining property by intimidation. If he emailed this Christian company and demanded to see the film or he would not give a recommend, this is extortion.

It's up to the company whether to press charges, but boy or boy, I would. I'm mad as the dickens that this guy would do this to a worthy film.

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