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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 8880 Rio San Diego Dr.
Phone 844-856-7770
Website Reviews

  • Nov 8, 2015 took my money and never did the work and a year went by before i found out that ez small claim and ez small claims is not one and the same. Ez small claim will act like they care, claim they will type and file and serve but never do the work. I had to called the real company for help and if it wasn't for them i would be still waiting. Dont be fooled by this company.

I saw someone left a review on the wrong ez small claims when it should be ez small claim.

If you been scammed by ez small claim call ez small claims in ontario they can help but stay away from this san diego pasadena company. They don't return phone calls or emails and block you on the my case manager. They don't help you beware... The owner is a con artist at ez small claim

  • Aug 17, 2015 More like I was pretty lucky to have caught on to these guys, well, within the first few days anyway. I filed my case on their site and I had questions and they had a chat button. Well, during the chat something just did not seem right, I just could not place it. Well, a few days went bye and I decided to email them, their response was that their paralegal was working on my case. A few days went bye and I received 5 emails from them all with a .pdf attached. Now I know enough about technology to know that all of these docs could have been sent in 1 email with 1 .pdf. The instructions they gave me were to print these docs and mail them to them. I sent them an email telling them that I did not have access to a printer. While I waited to hear from them I read the .pdf's and noticed quite a few errors. For instance, I had asked in my filing for the loss of money to be returned, emotional distress and for punitive damages, instead of punitive damages they put breach of contract.

I decided that I did not want to wait for an email reply so I decided to to relook them up on Google and call them, the web address that popped up was EZSmallClaimS not seeing the difference in names as the so called company did not have an S at the end of its name. So I called and this really nice lady answered and I told her what was going on, and she said to me "are you sitting down?" She then informed me of the other companies bait and switch scam. This company had apparently ghosted this other company the real and set up a whole different site except they called themselves, if you notice the only thing in the name that's different is the S is missing, and the domain is different, .net .com, and from research and from what I am dealing with now, they take your money and do not do the work. Also, the real address is or the bogus address is just can you see just how easy it is to confuse the two?

I also checked their name out on the Secretary of States website at I choose LLC then the typed in the name of the bogus company and it pops up SOS removed which means that the Secretary of State has some sort of action against this bogus organization. Funny, I just now looked at my inbox and in it is an email from them, it was written with broken English, written completely unprofessionally, full of threats and sent last evening a Saturday just after 7pm. I do not know to many companies like legal services that work into the evening on a weekend. To date I have demanded a return of my $250.00 and I have notified my credit card of the fraud. The nice lady at the REAL EZSmallClaimS has typed up and mailed out a letter to show my credit card company. I have also done numerous screen shots to show that they are fraudulent. Man, you should all see this email from them it really is hilarious, they are threatening me with legal action for fraud, huh? Like I said hilarious, what people will not do to scam others.

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