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EZE Real Estate

Country United States
State Florida
City Melbourne
Address 38 Phyllis Dr.
Phone 321 320 9375

EZE Real Estate Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2020

Paul Forsberg who is a real estate broker who lives in Melbourne, Florida and his wife Troy Forsberg who own EZE Real Estate and also have websites that include floridalandman and thelotguy are dishonest and lied about vacant land that they listed for sale. They never were the actual owners of the property and only had a contract with one of the owners to purchase the land. Paul Forsbertg sends out as he mentioned to me over a thousand letters amonth to land owners to see if they are interested in perhaps selling their vacant land. Once they are he then signs a contract with them and prior to closing and making sure the property has a clear title he lists the property for sale on his websites.

This guy is a complete wacko!

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