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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Feb 21, 2021

Bitcoins stolen through a loan agreement between me as the “Lender“, and Harith Motoshiromizu, the accused who is the “Borrower“

Here is the grievance. In August 2017, I as the “Lender”, signed a loan agreement of several Bitcoins with Harith Motoshiromizu as the “Borrower”, that can be ended anytime with the refund back within 2-4 weeks after the claim (as it is stated in the agreement). This loan is for me to have a bitcoin monthly income from an annual profit made by his trading expertise in the cryptocurrency world. This contract was respected for the first few months until he stopped the payments (for about 3 years now) and started to disappear. After several attempts to reach out to him to recover all the borrowed bitcoins, I just realized that I have dealt with a scammer and it seems that we are many victims.

At fist, he shows himself as really friendly, caring and generous, and seems very skilled in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. That is why many people (his friends and his investors) trusted him and have invested like I did. But we are all scammed with the same kind of loan contract and same operational mode. No one, so far, has seen their money or Bitcoins back. He also stole his investors from a project of a cryptocurrency exchange called Bitex Global (XBX Currency), but also those who use this platform.

Harith Motoshiromizu currently lives in Fukuoka (Japan) where he probably uses our money to carry out his scam project and to enjoy his nightclub lifestyle.

It seems also that he already had legal concerns in Japan and is now wanted in Thailand following a complaint filed by several investors in the project.

Please be very careful !

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