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Ez Valley Autosales

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 1332 E Van Buren ST
Phone 602-322-1300

Ez Valley Autosales Reviews

  • Aug 23, 2016

Office of Inspector General Subject: Auto Fraud EZ Auto Sales Phoenix, AZ If only I read The Yelp, BBB and Facebook reviews I Could have possibly made a better decision. Please help me, I'm car less and I'm with out any other funds to purchase another vehicle I stepped out on faith and Have ran into the wrong type of dealership. June 15, 2016 I and a friend went to EZ Valley Auto Sales @1332 E. Van Buren Phnx., where we were approached while looking around by Anthony Guerrero who identified his self as Sales Manager. After about 30 minutes we decided to test drive the Lexus IS 250. I wasn't sold on the car I asked if they. Could change the tires because I had seen some balding on the front two

tires. I was told that they could not be changed because the rims were after market and they didn't have a to replace with. I understood that. I began to talk about my credit. Explaining I had a low score due to returning a vehicle last year and there was a Chase account on my TRW but I had never had any account with Chase. He stated he could get me finance. We talked numbers and I agreed on $2000 down payment. After he done his sales pitch and suggest $500 more but he would give me 3 more weeks to pay and not to worry because my payment would not be due for another 45 days. Purchase the car giving him $700 cash charging $500 on my credit card a total of $1200 and I was to return the following

day with the $800 cash which I did. On June 20, I received a text at 11:26 am from Anthony asking me to come to dealership so he could take pictures of the car I asked if someone could bring the car because I work two jobs and she could take it over ther while I was at my second job. On June 23 I get a text from Ruben GUerrero the Finance manager stating he had finally got me financed and it was difficult could I come in and resign contract. Which I did after work and also gave him another $250 and signed papers. He stated he wanted another $500 cash after I signed the paper work, I was like why he stated he was losing money on the deal but I could pay it gradually. I told Anthony finally No, and he

spoke to Ruben and I was not to pay another $500. In July I received a call from California Auto Finance who stated she was the bank and to change my insurance to their name as lien holders and my first payment of $486 would be on August 17, 2016. I went in again with $260 cash met with Anthony on June 7, gave the last $250 cash he gave me $10 change I left. On July 26th 11:36 am. Anthony calls and ask if he could take more pictures and to bring the car over. Once again I had Traci take the car since we work together I swap cars with her and she is able to take it. Again on Aug 11th Anthony calls and says the bank didn't like the pictures and he needed to face time the car to the bank. Bring the

car Monday morning and he would give it back at noon. I explained I work and could not on Monday but if he was giving me the loaner car I could bring the car over Saturday Aug. 11th. When I did they gave me a 2009 Cadillac the car was completely on empty I asked for gas money and Tony Guerrero ( who I found out was the owner someone who I had never seen or met before) gave me $10. I asked Tony why the need to take so many pictures. he stated that they were required by the bank to send pictures because they were trying to build there credit and need to show they actually sell high end cars. Anthony assured me he was going to fill my gas tank and wash my car and I could pick it up Monday Aug.

15. As I drove to the gas station Traci and I noticed the oil light on and the message low air in rear right tire. I called Anthony and told him he needed to check out the car I didn't want to be responsible if Something went wrong with the car. I drove the car back where I was then approached by Tony Guererro introduced his self as the owner asking me to go in the office. He stated he found my file in a corner and he had not known that I hadn't been financed. I said I was and that California Auto Finance was who I spoke to and then Ruben called told me to pay my car payments there and the first one was due that following week. He said no he had received an email that I was not financed I asked to see the

email he could not or would not produce this email. He stated he had got me financed with another bank but it was $1400 less and he was not going to lose that money. I said you want $1400 from me he said "well yes but I'm trying to get you finance with another bank on Monday and I can't let you take that car or any other we argued back and forth he argued with My friend who asked "how I'm to get home" Tony Guerrero said " walk" I said its 113 degrees. He stated I could call Uber. We argued I told him give me a refund he said no I called the police wher I was told that they had came to this very location several times and to review their reviews as I was speaking to the police another family drove up to

return the blue Convertible Mustang which they were told they had not been financed and was not getting a refund. On Monday I showed up at the dealership and Anthony Guerrero stated in front of Ruben his finance family guy, that he did not try to get me financed because my friend Traci was talking to his customers. Tony Guerrero will not accept my calls will not see me and has not returned any of my calls. Both Anthony and Ruben claim to have nothing to do with this and I have to contact Tony the owner. After reviewing yelp the BBB and some reviews I have found this is a common practice with them. I have given them $2500 cash, purchase $300 for tires and had a crack rim repaired that they new was

cracked when Purchase the car because the tire would go flat every two days after I purchased the air, Anthony had told Traci and I that the car I purchase had been his daily driver for the past two or three months. The Lexus now sits on the front row for sale at the dealer ship I'm able to share a car but no one will respond to my request for my refund. SAmantha the receptionist is leaving me on 17 minute holds and when she finally answered and I told her since she was not going to connect me to Tony to take a message she hung up the phone and when I call she lets the call go to a fax machine or will answer and not say a word. Another family member Samantha Guerrero is the receptionist and since my

last encounter with her she sees my number on caller ID and let's my call just rings or answers and hangs up. When I call back she will turn on the fax machine. I have gone to the dealership almost daily since August 13, and still no action for my refund. According to Facebook reviews and yelp and the BBB there are others. The Police who came out stated he had been there several times and he tells each person the same take them to court. I have all documents and receipts and text messages from both Ruben and Anthony. Please help me get my money back, I'm a single parent left careless and car less. This is totally in appropriate behavior and business conduct and they seemingly know but don't care. Please help me alert others of theses scammers.

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