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Ez Auto Ride LLC

Country United States
State Ohio
City New Richmond
Address 412 Walnut Street
Phone 513 426 8800

Ez Auto Ride LLC Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2020

Purchased a vehicle in October 2020, was assured that the vehicle had been gone over by their shop mechanic and the many improvements/upgrades were noted and was told this vehicle was mechanically sound. Was told by the business owner that the slight tick in the front end was due to a recent engine treatment and would be fine after the next oil change. Was not offered an extended warranty of any sort and didn't think one would be necessary.

Drove 800 miles and the truck's timing chain snapped and destroyed the engine on 12/20/20. Turns out that the slight ticking had nothing to do with any "engine treatment" and was the timing chain. Called the owner of the business to resolve and was told that there was nothing that could have been done and that his vehicles are as-is. Then he hung up the phone on me. My problem is that I was lied to and he intentionally misrepresented what he was selling. Do not purchase from here and tell your friends and family not to either.

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