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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 500 North Rainbow Blvd; Suite 300
Phone 888-616-8413

Eyetensitize Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2016

Ordered a Free Trial eye product off a TV ad, which asked for shipping fee only.

Only to find out that the company has been charging me on three occassions a fee which totals to $600.00

I returned the product on 2 occassions with a return to sender but they have continued to charge me.

In speaking to the "Customer Service" person, I am told that I acuatually signed up for a 14 day trial and authorized them to take a monthly fee from my account . This is a FLASE. I have tried to call them but no one answeres and if someone does, I get put on hold for a long long time.

On the one occasion that I spoke to a "Custom Service" person, he insisted I apporived the order, then he offered me his personel discount of 25% , which I refused, he then offered me a 50% discount, which I refused, he again offered me a 75% return of my money, which I refused.

I was then put on hold for 26 minutes and a "Supervicor answered, "Nick", he put me opn hold for another 15 minues.

Starts by say he is suprised that I got offered a 75% refund. I continue to ask for a full refund. He agrees to refund one payment of $94.90. I refuse. He now is getting loud and insisting I am to blame for not reading the agreement. I insit there was no agreement or it was in some fine print somewhere and I don't have the product, it has been returned to them.

He makes out that I might be making that up and wants to verify I sent the product back.

"Nick" is now offering to refund one payment and 50% of the second payment but not the 3rd payment.

I am insisting on a full payment. I now get offered two payment of $94.90 and out of pocket of $94.90!

Of course Nick is doing me a big favour!! I accept because at this time I have been on the phone for an hour and Im not done because there is another number and another part of this scam for me to call to get back the rest of my money!

  • Aug 31, 2016

They charge you for the shipping of a free sample, and then, in a month, they charge you $90 automatically.Then they immediately bring the fine print up, and it's legal, but they are not a customer service friendly product or company.

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