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Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 656-9325

EyeComplexRX Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2016

This company requested a bank card to cover "shipping". Shorly therafter they bill my card $89+. I called and canceled and decide this was on me for being so stupid. But then I got billed again, so I called the company again, informed them of my cancelation the month before. They informed me I had indeed canceled and was no longer being billed for that product but was being billed for the second product that came in the same box with the first "trial product". They said that was from a different company and I had to cancel with them. They did give me the # for the second company but when I called them I got the exact same story. I requested confrimation of cancelation from both companies via email but got none from either. The reason for no confrimation: Your bank requires "proof of confirmation" to successfully dispute the charge againt you account.

  • Nov 9, 2016

This company baits you with a cheap trial period ($4.95 and 5.95) and then slams your credit card (switch) for $180+ for the second shipment. When you call for a cancellation you get some smart-mouthed operator who tries to shove down your throat about your "trial" period. Then they offer you a 35% discount - even if you send back the entire shipment unopened. To get the discount for the other 1/2 of the shipment you have call a different number and go through the same b.s. all over again.

Not only is not product no better than L'Oreal, but it's a complete ripoff. And, to add insult to injury, it's promoted by none other than Ellen Degeneres. How can she even think about putting her name to such a rip off?? Shame on you, Ellen. Sucking people in for the money? I wonder if she even uses this crap?

Consumers beware.

  • Oct 21, 2016

I recently was on the internet and a site came up Complete RX 14-day trial. I was under the understanding that I was paying $10.90 for the cream and eye serum plus shipping. No where on there did it state that I had to call and cancel in any time limit. I recieved the cream and eye serum and first of all I am not impressed. Secondly I thought that if I was to like it that I would have the oppurtunity to call and order more. BUT !!! No they took it upon themselves to charge my card $85.95 and $89.95. When I called I was very nice and tried to get to the bottom of why they did this. They just kept saying by putting the CVS 3 digit code on my card in the site that I agreed to this. They also were very rude and deminning. I asked for a refund or at least a partial, I was told they do NOT GIVE REFUNDS EVER!!! and they would send me a complimentary bottle for a reduced price of $39.95 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I am so dissapointed with the way that they hide these charges and their customer service. I would never recommend this company to anyone even if I liked the product. Unfortunatly this was an expensive mistake, I am a single working mom with two boys and do not have the extra to spend on facial products. I am now out $175.90 that could have bought groceries for this month.

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