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Eye Serum Review

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 844-434-5943

Eye Serum Review Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2016

I signed up to try their free product and looked carefully for any after trial period auto-charging.. There was none! When I received a second shipment I went to my CC and found a charge. I immediately called the number, but it was a number for an online university. They told me I had the wrong number. I returned to the website and sent an email, but heard nothing! I called my CC company and notified them of the fraud. Finally, after considerable time and searching, I found the company's number under a totally different name. I called, they refused to refund me the money for the entirety of the product even though I had not used any of it, nor opened it. I was only allowed to ship back one shipment even though I had canceled prior to their having shipped a final shipment which I haven't even received!! They also refused to provide me with their true website and email address and hung-up on me!

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