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Country United States
State Texas
Address 2526 OAKDALE ROAD
Phone 469-989-9674


  • Nov 9, 2016

This contractor for Extreme renovations is a thief and not a real contractor. He took 27,000 from us with a contract to remodel our home. Homeowners please beware! He speaks of God like he's a believer and seems so nice so he can take advantage of people. He stole cash, diamond jewelry and a pistol. He is a felon and is now out there w a gun which makes him even more dangerous.

The vermon lied to us stole our dreams of remodel, left our home without a kitchen , no toilet no doors upstairs, no heat and every single thing he did is wrong. after 6 weeks of not showing up- being late and terrible job we demanded to have our asphalt drive delivered and he brings us recycled dirt. He bought new tools with our money--expensive ones. We cant sale our home now and cant afford to do a remodel since he stole our money. It's sooo hard-- we did without for 2 yrs and now we also have reno cost from loan of 1300 month.

Lawyers have told us we need to file bankruptcy. Wow! He's such a liar very convincing and he stole our lives, our future and our dreams. Do not let him into your home --he will steal everytime you turn your back.

His name is Nelson Cabrera has long hair and a complete waste of human space. He's more evil than anyone Ive ever met! He will cry and hug you and lie to you as you look into his eyes and he says you have to trust me --Id never do anything to hurt you. He has been to prison which is where he belongs. No one has the right to ruin someones life! He also hires guys to work for him and then never pays-- I mean he is a complete sociapath has no conscience-- not even human. We recently met a 2nd victim and he tried to force her to sale her home to him since she has cancer. Omg no soul.

I'm positive he will soon be back in prison or worse when he does this to the wrong people. We are in the process of putting him where he belongs. I just dont want you to be his next victim in the Dallas area. Beware everyone!!

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