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Extended Stay America

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100
Phone (980) 345-1600

Extended Stay America Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2021

I’ve been living here for a few months now with my wife and my Service Dog, because I can’t find any openings in my area. We’ve been here since june and it’s now September, and everything’s been great. No issues at all. But this week a new manager took over the location in Springdale Arkansas. This morning On my way to work I was informed that if I didn’t take my dog with me when I leave that I could no longer stay here.

So I provided them with all the necessary federal registration paperwork for my service dog, and also my paperwork/prescription from a licensed therapist authorizing the use of a service dog and explaining why I have a service dog. They laughed in my face and told me they could pay 15$ on the internet and get the same paperwork. But I stood firm, and explained to them that what they were doing was discriminating against me because of my disability, and that to kick me out because of my service dog is a direct violation of the A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities act) and the F.H.A. (Fair housing act) and federally illegal.

So to take care of that they called the police and had them come out for a domestic disturbance and claimed that I was in the lobby yelling and using profanity. Which was completely made up. So when the cops showed up they claimed that even though I have all the necessary paperwork for my service animal, I still have to pack and leave because of the domestic disturbance that was entirely fabricated because the management knew they were in the wrong. and I’m now banned from the property for life. So I’m currently packing my stuff and Now I’m going to be homeless for the foreseeable future. All because I’m disabled.

  • Aug 16, 2021

It started out okay! Honestly, when the ethnics were behind the desk it was way nicer and more personable. Then, came the part where the white woman stole from me! That changed my entire feel of this place! Honestly, it is very dark and gloomy in this room because they never gave us our replaced light bulb as we asked for, but apart from that i just do not ever feel safe here.

So, if you are a single female, please don't choose this hotel. On my own, i wouldn't have but i have a husband! But we are leaving and not staying for the entire time. We chose this on the basis of theft which was the final straw. And that's apart from the fact that we are paying a different amount than we originally thought in the reservations! It's WAY too expensive for what it is worth, WAY!!! This isn't LA or New York!!

On to the theivery part. I came down to the 1st floor to get my mail that usps was delivered that morning at 10:50 am. The white woman was their and I asked if she could get my package! She kinda moved a few boxes around in the back area and came back saying that i hadn't received a package! I inquired again since i had a tracking number and was told it had indeed been delivered! I also checked the actual mailbox and nothing! I decided to give the benefit of the doubt since I do agree sometimes the mail can say delivered early occasionally.

I came back the next day and a man was there, still nothing! I started getting concerned and went to the post office to inquire! They gave me a phone number of who to call. I also sent an inquiry online to ask them if they could look into it. I felt very very nervous and by the 3rd day I knew that she had stolen it especially when usps told me it was indeed delivered and checked in at the time it was told to me! I was called by a staff who had clearance to check on it! After reading reviews I realized that Extended Stay America has a reputation of not giving a d**n when staff members steal from the guests!

Wow, what a kind way to thank us for spending all that money staying at your crappy dump! I did report this to the police and have a police number and I reported them to bbb and made a review on Yelp and Google Map reviews! I have even talked about her on all my social media platforms! I hope in time, pansies like her are found out for who they are! Screw someone over and payback's a bi*ch!! Don't mess with me lady, you don't know what I am capable of! I hope the makeup tears up your entire face and makes it look as s**+**y as your inside and heart, a superficial self righteous ugly bi*ch!!

I wouldn't trust you if my life depended on it! My husband and I are going to another hotel! This place is crap and if you were me and you read other experiences before making a decision if you still go here, never have your mail sent here!! It could happen to you too!! And lady, smoke up those cigs and just know, no one is gonna feel sorry for you! You put it on yourself, now sleep in your mess, you thief!! You and I are enemies now!!! I don't like you and I never will like you!!! Steal from me and I will only have hate for you!!

  • Jul 26, 2021

OUR EXPERIENCES (mother and adult daughter) in a hotel with "TOXIC BLACK MOLD" that we believe further, and seriously compromised, and harmed our immune systems both short and long-term. We both have a pre-existing condition of "ALLERGIC ASTHMA."


Our "ALLERGIC ASTHMA" symptoms worsened, leading TO "PNEUMONIA" leading TO "COVID-19" during our stay at this hotel. (Note COVID-19 was not really publicly known about initially at that time but became known further on during our stay at the hotel).


Shortly after checking in we noticed that our asthma symptoms began to flair up more, then worsened as time went on. It got to the point that we were having very frequent, and severe asthma attacks that would not completely subside even with the use of our medications and natural remedies. Our ability to breathe normal ranged from mild restrictions very limited.

It came to a point that our allergy pills, cortisone inhalers, rescue inhalers, nasal sprays (Flonase), natural remedies of oils or oregano, peppermint, and tea tree, Breath Deep Tea etc. were becoming ineffective and more life-threatening.

"PANIC ATTACKS" also became prevalent AND debilitating. When you can not breathe your stress levels increase dramatically which magnifies the situation even more. It was very traumatic for us, to say the least.

It was challenging at times to even walk from the bed to the kitchen, or bathroom which were short distances away. Even to have a shower, if an asthma attack would occur that required the use of a rescue inhaler, we had to lean over the tub until the restricted breathing somewhat passed.

The situation got progressively worse, so much so, that in early 2020 my daughter had to rush me to the hospital where I was admitted in severe respiratory distress. My Oxygen Saturation Levels were at approximately 85% - Hypoxia & Dyspnea.

(NOTE: Normal blood-oxygen levels are around 97%. At levels below 90%, the brain may not get sufficient oxygen, and people might start experiencing confusion, lethargy or other mental disruptions. As levels drop into the low 80s or below, the danger of damage to vital organs rises.)

On at least 2 occasions during our hotel stay we had to call 911-FIRST RESPONDERS, that also came with an ambulance crew. We were experiencing severe respiratory distress and could not breathe.

My daughter and I are still working daily on our long-term healing from the resulting health issues, that is believed started, and became exacerbated from staying at this hotel.


Upon arrival we were checked into a room on the 3rd floor. The carpets were stained with pet markings and other unidentifiable marks, chairs had stains, the walls had smears of what appeared to be blood and food type spatter, crayon markings, there was food in the cabinets, mold in the fridge with a broken plastic crisper drawer, plugs had some broken cover plates, some of the electrical outlets did not work, there was black mold on the bathroom tiles, and tub surround that was caulked to try and hide it, the faucets and tub drain plug were covered in calcium deposits and some rust, the overhead bathroom lights had missing bulbs, there was black mold staining under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, pee and blood stains on the mattress, ripped bedding sheets, garbage under the bed from previous guests, a layer of dust on the nightstands, pictures, fridge etc., several of the window sills were water damaged, as well as, several windows would not open from them being swelled. We managed to get one open hoping for some fresh air and noticed black mold, the A/C had removable filters that were wet and loaded with dust and other debris…just a beginning for this room.

We also noticed after approximately a week, there was a water leak in the ceiling down the hall from our room. The carpet was saturated with water that it would squish when you walked on it. You could look up into the ceiling area as they had removed a section of the ceiling. It was all black. This leak remained that way for approximately 2 weeks until they finally brought some hi-powered fans in to try and dry out the carpet. A repair was done shortly afterwards but the carpet remained wet for quite a long period of time as it was winter time in Texas.

Prior to being released from hospital my daughter requested a room on the 1st floor (same floor as reception lobby) so I would not have to walk so far to go outside. This room was just as disgusting as the first one on the third floor. Many of the same issues however there were some differences. The floor near the windows were the A/C in living room was, was soaked with water about a foot into the room. You could see where the mold was growing in the areas closest to the wall. The wetness of the carpet was consistently there and became worse after a heavy rain which led us to believe that the membrane around the building may be compromised to allow water to seep through the concrete and other supposed barriers if there were any. Again the list was endless. And many of the pictures I have uploaded show the state of the hotel. As well as, there are numerous photos on the internet of the same and/or similar issues posted by other consumers that either pre/post date our stay. All in all it further proves that the hotel knows about these issues because in the management’s responses to the consumers they lamely apologize.

  • Jul 20, 2021


Joseph an ESA Employee who w/o any valid justifiable reasons, except an alleged personal one after I denied his advances when he begged me to stay in TX with him. The following morning Joseph used the hotel's "Master Room Key" in order to gain unrestricted entry into my hotel room (Room ***). This event occurred while Joseph was on shift during the early morning hours, between approximately 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM on or about June 10, 2020. When Dell became aware of this situation, he allowed Joseph to work again at the hotel while I was still there getting ready to leave the following morning. Dell knew or ought to have known it would potentially put me in harms way again. But Dell clearly did not care. The location of this event occurred at the ESA North Central hotel location whose physical address is 8221 North I-35, Austin, TX 78753.

ANGELICA (ANGIE) also an ESA employee at this hotel called Dell to report the incident. Dell immediately called me and left a VM. Dell and Kurt are fully aware of what happened. SEE PHOTO attached. DELL'S VOICEMAIL SAID:


Several issues [they] know about are unresolved plausibly to bury the situations as if it/they did not happen. Even the fact that Dell Palominos offered me a full refund which I accepted that amounts to $9793.90 for my entire hotel stay from December 2019 to June 2020. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE FULL REFUND DELL PROMISED ME. IN FACT, DELL IS NOW CLAIMING HE NEVER OFFERED THAT PLUS PLAYING THE "DUMB CARD ON THE SITUATION AND WHO I WAS WHEN I CONTACTED HIM UPON RETURNING TO MY HOME STATE THOUGH HE GAVE ME HIS PERSONAL CELL NUMBER TO CONTACT HIM!

  • Aug 31, 2020

On August 14 I booked a room for hotel via Groupon.

The hotel was understaffed at front desk. I checked in around 4:30 pm and left around 530 pm to get dinner. I returned around 9 pm to a chaotic scene. Screaming kids were in hallways. There was constant loud noise as well as banging and slamming vibrations coming from other rooms and hallway. By 1045 the noise and slamming were continuing. Then the fire alarm went off around 11. I went to front desk to request a refund as I wanted to leave but had to wait another half hour for front desk staff to escort in the fire department and shut off alarms. Finally I asked for a refund and was told she could not do that but I could call back the next day to request one. I packed up my stuff and left around 1130 pm.

Also, They advertise that a breakfast is given to guests. There is no breakfast due to covid so they need to remove the advertisement. I just want a refund.

On August 17 a supervisor named Etienne said he issued a refund. It's now 16 days later and no refund has come. I called Etienne today and he said that he processed the refund but Expedia did not process it on their end.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I had stayed at an Extended Stay America in Louisville, KY many years ago, and was impressed with the roominess, the full kitchen, and the friendliness of the staff. So when my friend and I were plannig a trip to Wisconsin, it seemed a good idea to rent a similar room with a kitchen so we could cook if we wanted to, or reheat leftovers from dining out.

I tried to book a seven night stay on the website for $110 per night. An ad on the website promoted 20% off for a stay of 1-6 nights when you join their "perks" club. Created a profile, then changed the length of stay to six nights. The rates jumped to more than $130 for nights 1-2, over $200 for nights 3-4, and over $300 for nights 5-6.

Changed back to the original seven night stay without the promo code. The website would not complete the transaction, despite several attempts. Clicked "contact us" for assistance, detailed the problem, and waited. The automated response referred me to the website.

I called the toll-free number and spoke with a very pleasant and helpful Linda in Fort Wayne, IN. She was able to make the reservation, and assured me (because I specifically asked) that my debit card would not be charged until the completion of my stay; it was only used to hold the room.

My friend and I drove over 600 miles, arriving well after midnight. The clerk would not give us the room key until I paid the nearly $900 in advance. I advised her that Linda assured me that payment was to be made upon checkout. She flatly stated "she lied". I made her call the manager, who was quite unapologetic and unhelpful. My friend suggested we sleep in the pickup truck; we should have.

The "fully equipped kitchen" (look at the website) had no pots, pans, dishes, glasses, utensils, toaster, nor even a coffeepot. The "stove" was a two-burner cooktop. I turned them both on "high" ~ you couldn't toast a marshmallow. The fridge looked like it was from the 1960s.

My friend came out of the restroom and said the shower was full of hair. It looked like Sasquatch had molted in there. The shampoo felt like glue in my hair; I had to use bar soap to get it out.

My friend said he felt like something had bitten him. I woke the next morning with bites on my leg. We told the morning clerk that we would be checking out early due to the bedbugs and the hair in the shower. She said she would tell the manager, but offered no apology.

After securing other accomodations (for about HALF of ESA's rates), we returned to gather our belongings and check out. The night clerk snarked that two people checked the room and found no begbugs. (She had the appearance of a meth-head who would be well-acquainted with vermin.) I told her I would drop my pants right there and SHOW her the bites on my legs!

She offered no apology, no "we're sorry you found our accomodations unsatisfactory", nothing of the kind. In fact, she snottily told me that I would be charged for another night, and that the room rate would be retroactively raised!

I told her to get the manager on the phone. She went into a back room, spoke to someone, then came out & told me "it's Corporate". I told her to give me the number for "Corporate". She lied "I don't have the number". I told her "I'm sure it's in the office back there". She refused to even go through the motions of looking.

We should have slept in the pickup.

  • Aug 21, 2019

Heather the manager is rude careless and not understand will not refund our stay we are charged for a full month Even tho we are only there for 6 days. According to there website they can refund but she claims she can't.

  • Jul 20, 2018

I am only writing this rip off report to warn and help others who are thinking about working for this place to RUN far away! If I would've found a rip off report or read any of the bad reviews on this hotel before working here I would've never accepted the job. If you are able to pass the level 2 background check they require you to pass to work here then you should have no problem at all finding something else with way better pay and in a better working environment. Luckily I was only here for 4 days before I was blessed with a better job opportunity so I left. I still busted my a** those 4 days, never took a break or lunch, and expected to receive my full pay for the days and hours worked. I was only paid for 3 days and at minimum wage instead of the discussed $9.50 an hour. The General Manager thinks she can get away with saying I worked less days and hours than what I actually worked because she never set me up in the computer to clock in and out.

She told me she was going to enter my hours in manually until she had time to set me up in the computer because they were so understaffed. I kept track and documented each day I worked along with the times I came in and left to make sure I was paid correctly. I finally receive a direct deposit several weeks after I left for $158. $158 for the 27 hours I worked in 4 days?

I immediately messaged the General Manager, Caroline, and asked her why my check was so small. She advised that she could not help me and that I was no longer in her system but that I only worked 3 days. She knows better. She also said that she gave me a time card to clock in and out on the 2nd day of work which is a lie. I kindly asked her to check her records against the camera at the front desk which shows every day I came in and how long I was there. I haven't gotten a response to that yet but this makes me so mad! She knows how many days I worked and how many hours. She put it in wrong on purpose because she's upset that I left her even more short handed than she was. I get that but I have 3 small children at home to feed and have to do what I have to do to better myself. I saw a room infested with roaches and bugs on the bed my last day there and honestly I was afraid of bringing them home and infesting my own house. When I got a call from my now employer offering more pay and closer to my house, I jumped on it.

Bottom line is people work hard for their money and nobody deserves to go through all this to get what is rightfully owed to them. I have already wasted so much time on this by emailing back and forth with the General Manager, Caroline. I've filed a complaint with Corporate, filed a rip off report, and my next step is filing a complaint with the board of labor. Caroline has been absolutely no help resolving this issue. She has been very unprofessional in emails and even went as far as calling me a liar.

  • Jan 8, 2018

We ended up staying here after mistakenly booking at this location. Only because of how we booked it. Well we booked 2 nights and could barely stand 1 night. I got in the room to the fire alarm chirping. I had to reset it. The room was never cleaned. The counters still had crap all oiver them, sheets had a blood stain on it that appeared to have been sprayed with cleaner and left to dry, a lot of damage to the room, refrigerator bins were missing, towels were dirty.

The morning after our first stay we asked for wash clothes because we did not have any. The cleaning lady who was in the middle of "cleaning" a room said they didn't have any. How can you not have wash clothes? The shower constantly ran. If we did not turn it to run in the tub rather than from shower head the floor would be soaked in minutes. The front office workers live to roll their eyes at people and are rude. Ironically we moved to a nearby location and they all know how this location is and get people coming from this location because of how disgusting it is.

  • Oct 27, 2017

On 10.17.2017, we checked into the Extended Stay in Blue Ash, Ohio with documented reservation information which included a discounted room rate which was honored by the front desk clerk. Payment in full was made using 2 separate debit cards.

On one morning, OLEG entered our room as I was undressed after showering, providing NO advance notice of his intention to do so. I literally witnessed the door opening and THEN HE KNOCKED, commenting "oops sorry", and closing the door.

Following this, I issued an online complaint about this incident as well as other concerning behaviors witnessed by Oleg during our stay. We were later advised that Oleg had read my complaint prior to leaving for the day and was "pretty upset", advising the front desk to add additional charges to our account.

Feeling very uncomfortable with Oleg's behaviors we felt it necessary to to check out and continue our stay elsewhere (which took a fair amount of work, time, and effort on our part). As we were leaving, I requested that our credit card info be deleted from the database given our concerns surrounding Olegs intention to manufacture charges in retaliation for the complaint i made against him. We were advised to not be concerned as he is not permitted to add chargesnin our absence, or without our knowledge/consent.

Despite this, on 10/26/2017, I note that 2 additional charges were presented for payment by Extended Stay that we were neither advised of or present for. These charges occurred on 10.18.2017 in the amount of $48.92, and on 10.25.2017 in the amount $68.53, for a total charge of $117.45. Both of these charges are blatantly FRAUDULENT and, I believe they are completely retaliatory in nature. I would like to be contacted by a representative of Extended Stay in response to these issues.

  • Sep 21, 2017

Travelers beware!

Stay away from Extended Stay America hotels and motels. They are not clean. They are filled with roaches, spiders, and bedbugs. Their Wi-Fi is not secured with a firewall nor do they have an anti-virus to protect their customers. Their wiring is out dated and they refuse to update any of their hotels. Their rooms are left filthy for the next unsuspecting customer. For the amount of money that they charge, you would think that they would maintain their hotels better. In our opinion, it’s all about money and not great customer service.

Extended Stay America is not a comfortable place to stay while you are traveling, moving, or temporary housing.

We moved into Extended Stay America in August 2017, and that very night the fire alarm went off at 11:00 PM and then again at 4 AM. We found out from one of their other customers that the alarm goes off every week for no reason. Every time that Extended Stay America’s fire alarm goes off, it scares our children to the point that now they have a difficult time going to sleep at night. We all walk around tired because of the alarms. Our ears hurt each time the alarm goes off. My wife has bad migraines and those fire alarms are adding to her painful migraines.

That night we noticed a plethora of roaches running all over the hotel room. That was very nasty. That very night we started to remediate for roaches and jumping spiders. We have pictures.

We found an inch of roaches crawling everywhere trying to get away from us. We found a plate of food placed under the refrigerator with other food items as well. We had to clean all of the walls, floors, refrigerator inside and out, stove inside and out, microwave inside and out, bathroom, lift two beds to clean under them, closet, chests, doors, windows, and their A/C. One of our children brought my attention to the signed and dated sticker on the A/C and it stated that the last time the A/C was cleaned was 9-4-2013. This is now 2017. Yuck, no wonder half of us are sick.

Extended Stay America refuses to reimburse us for our APC Battery Back-up Pro that they fried due to their poorly wired rooms. That unit costs $ 209.99 without S/H/Tax. They gave us a Belkin surge protector to use to help with the poorly wired rooms. That does not help.

By the way, if you have not read anything else, READ this. Extended Stay America uses CLOUD 5- ISP and all of the Extended Stay America hotels do NOT have any anti-virus or firewall protection on their free or premium Wi-Fi. All Extended Stay America hotels have outdated wiring and it will fry all of your electronics. ESA will not reimburse you for your fried devices.

We use our APC Battery Back-up Pro for our medically needed C-PAP, Bi-PAP, Cardiac Monitoring Station, computer, and tablets. My wife cannot use her Bi-PAP or Cardiac Monitoring Station because of the “Building Wiring Faults” within the hotel rooms. We tried multiple rooms and they are all the same. She will be forced to live and sleep without her medical devices. I certainly hope that nothing happens to her especially if it pertains to one of her health problems that Extended Stay America could have prevented by updating their wiring.

On September 19, 2017, while we were in the lobby getting some items from their grab and go snacks, we over heard two people talking about their rooms being filled with an unknown nasty, sticky, and greasy substances all over their dining chairs, cabinets, countertops, refrigerator, stove, bed linens, towels, and floors. Extended Stay America gave them a full refund for their troubles. One of them stated that they found tiny red bugs crawling all over them throughout the night. We told them that it could be bedbugs or chiggers. ESA did not like that we were talking with each other.

On September 20, 2017, we were told that they refuse to accommodate our medical disabilities. Miriam an area manager told my wife that she refuses to accommodate us in the wiring issues or any other issues. She then told us that it was a “corporate decision” to not accommodate our family.

Extended Stay America also refuses to reimburse us for all of our time, energy, and supplies. We had to go to the hardware store purchase items to clean and exterminate their hotel room. We started to clean the hotel room on August 28 and ended on September 20, 2017. We cleaned during the day.

ESA’s maid is upset because we cleaned the room. We need to have a clean bug free room and they were not going to do that for us either.

Extended Stay America offered to move us to another room after we finished cleaning and exterminating one of their rooms. We refuse to DEEP clean another room for them for free.

  • Jul 4, 2017

My name is David Martin Graff and my age is 41 years old. I grew up and lived my first 30 years in Valley Stream, New York, (aka Woodmere, 11581). I currently live in Phoenix, AZ. On August 10, 1980 at Riverdale Road in Valley Stream as a four-year old child pedesrian, I was struck by a car that day. Just two years later December 31, 1982 I was a visitor to the State of Connecticut, where on that day I had sustained a decompressed skull fracture, which on that next followung day of January 1, 1983, I needed emergency neurosurgery that was performed by Yale University School of Medicine Dept. of Neurosurgery's Top Team.

I graduated from Hofstra University Zarb School of Business Class ofm 1998 with BBA in Banking & Finance, where I also started my education as a Pre-Law major. The next day I joined AIG's NYC Corporate Office as a D&O Underwriter, two years later I joined MUFG as a Leveraged Finance Analyst, and remained in Investment Banking until my last days in 2008 working in Corporate America.

My injuries, the constant affects since sustaining them in the 1980s, and spawned financial effects since have caused unnnessary interrelated events fom those two accidents, which have caused me to live a ratherd difficult life, since I was invovled in two terminal accidents between the ages when I was just 4 and 7 years old.

In America, citizens can either be Legally Disabled while NOT being injured permanently, they also can not be Legally Disabled but Permanently Injured, OR typically like elderly Americans find themselves becoming each day, both Permanently Injured and Legally Disabled (P.I.L.D.) whch also can result where SSA determines with your doctors that basis, and namely because of my 1982 head injury, I have remained from age seven categorically P.I.L.D, and my condition remains that way indefinitely.

I had been a Paid-In-Full Guest at Extended Stay America Scottsdale - Phoenix - North (15501 North Scottsdale Road) property from April 3, 2017 to April 5, 2017. I was fully compliant with STAY's Code of Coduct Policy instituted by Extended Stay America Corporate Office, and compliant with the Federal Regulatory Agencies who implement guidelines for all hospitality service based businesses and their patrons, who together engage in any Arms Length Transactions in America.

The STAY Scottsdale North Property Apartment Manager I believe is named George, and all guests and hotel employees did not in any way shape or form communicate verbally or in writing any information related to me being Guest any time including during the time my door was broken down by Scottsdale PD and Pheonix PD. I was escorted and removed away without any criminal or civil offenses, albeit the two days leading up to April 5th, 2017, April 3rd and 4th, I was apparently somehow believed to be consipiring in my STAY Scottsdale North apartment, at risk of potentially in the act(s), which can include not only believed going in attempting an intentional act of violently hurting myself, because on property insdie my STAY apartment, not similiar with my current single family dwelling I live in, members of the general public are exposed whenever these matters occur inside America, everywhere. Keep in mind, ususally the person believed to be risk of violently hurting only themsselves, typically admits the intent to the public, which is how these emergency intervenions happen. I never in my life intended to ever violently hurt myself, or even approached such a topic, either as a child or adult in my life, admittedly. I know how the law functions and works, if someone who can potentially indirectly harm another life in process of hurting themselves, ie: certain flamable areas inside all STAY kitchens of apartments, could always have the ability to detonate, whereby possibly such an explosion could cause widespread damage to other lives?

The following are facts that were in place during this time leading up to this event and these facts remain in place through today.

Extended Stay America Reservation Number (Ticker: STAY) From This Event of April 5th, 2017: 136994880

Nothing was ever communicated to me by Hotel Staff or Manager George that any type issue was present time leading up to my apartment door being violently broken down by Scottsdale Police and Phoenix Police using partial riot metal shield gear during that process of entering my unit before removing me from my apartment where my personal property remianed, smartphones and computer devices, etc. where it was seperated from me for the next several days.

I was laying on my stomach on my bed using my Windows 10 computer time police entered and I cooperated fully with the process. They handcuffed me and removed me but at no time was my rights read or was it confirmed I had broken any laws, and the hotel's position remains today they have no idea what was the issue and my affairs are private between the police and myself?

Police just took me to Urgent Psychiatric Center (UPC) in Phoenix, where this is the only crisis mental health center city wide who actually is part of the local Maricopa County DPS process and together with the local level always is the facility in-charge of evaluation process from admitting to discharge. They agree never has anyone from UPC who is a medical doctor or support staff witnessed me having any behaviors consistent with heresay provided by anonymous non-local authority based agencies acting in conjunction. NOTE: Arizona is one of only states in America to have such Mental Health Laws where anybody can be detained, if only someone simply files without any need of proof for cause, a Mental Health Urgent Psychiatirc Evaluation Petition, ultimately local law enforcement has no choice but to act once pick-up orders of individuals who are dispatched to be transported to UPC following any Petition that are sent through the system, immediately.

My credit card company and bank have issued claims, in light the local level has a file in my name that stands legally on its face seriously flawed, incomplete but mostly innacurrate because its counter-intuitive if police have no admission by me verified I made verbally or in wriiting that I was intending of carrying out act of violently hurting myself, essentially killing myself inside my Extended Stay Apartment North Scottsdale Property, essentially premeditated murder against myself, other guests of STAY, notwithstanding employees of Extended Stay America, which if not reported accurately to public financial markets with shareholders and Blue-Sky Laws in effect, could cause STAY shareholders to be affected, not physically, but financially similar to me, as well?

This event on April 5, 2017 has officially put me in severe state of assuming enourmous contingent liabilities I utlimately am forced to seek relief from the Bankruptcy Court, where I have already requested and awaiting a Trustee. My Debtors and Creditors have been made aware of the issue, to the point calls and letters were sent requesting monies for damages of arrrears sent to the local level, who have since been, and continue toremain, ignoring these collection notices and requests.

I was phoned by the Financial Federal Agencies in Washington, D.C. last month who alerted me my credit card company, bank, and other financial parties triggered the need for the federal banking system needing to take a reserve for my losses and what has already been agreed to by myself and my debtors as an agreement for a Pre-Packaged Bankruptcy. The local level here in Maricopa County ignores me and likely expect billing me more for future interventions, given my file isn't somehow acknowledging UPC that day of April 5th, 2017 confirmed suicide was not seen by them as concern when I was brought in by police, who were on the other page and proved wrong, i was only admittted for not more than few days, but allegedly jailtime for putting peoples lives in danger becaus police broke down my door, thankfully hasn't resulted in my requirement you think following UPC to then go through the criminal process of defending myself with my legal advisors who would't need more than a few days to acknowldge to the judge UPC disproved any such diagnosis of suicide or attempted murder, where it's just a formality of notating my police file, which remains unaddressed without my ability to charge myself formally, in order to create a proceeding and trial on my own to win unanimously, where I'm today done with that event in its entirety?

  • Jun 13, 2017

So I and 5 other coworkers are staying at the extended stay America in Springdale arkansas why is it that the manager the general manager has the Wi-Fi with zero security and he's allowing his guests to clean flooded rooms. He responded with the password being your last name and room # I've stayed in hundreds of motels and hotel and they always have 1 code for all. Then creepy part about it about 80% of the guest seem to know him and even go begin the counter direct associates I'm baffled

  • Oct 24, 2016

Extended Stay 1036 Greenwood Blvd Lake Mary Fl 32746 is Full of Black Toxic Mold inside the hotel and inside the rooms in above in the shower and inside the AC Unit. The Hotel needs to be closed down because the rooms either smell extremely bad or you can see and smell the Mold Down the Hallways inside the hotel. They rooms also full of black ants and you can see the black mold inside of the AC Unit. I got sick from staying at the hotel after telling the hotel on several occasions that there was mold in my room and inside the AC unit and they would just recommend having someone come up to clean with bleach and then the mold would come back. We asked if we could move to the hotel next door and management told us we would have to pay more money and start our stay over even though we had been staying at the hotel since January 2016. We had to leave the hotel because I had to be rushed to the emergency room because I was dizzy and vomiting uncontrollably and I felt like I was going to faint or passed out.

The hotel needs to be reported to Health Department or a outside agency that close business that are full of Blavk Mold. Stay Away Feom this place the hotel rates are not worth risking your Health!!!!!

  • Aug 13, 2015

Monday night at approximately 11:50 pm I stepped out of my room 131 and lit up a cigarette, a night employee red haired began Yelling at me about the location I was in although I was outside and no visible signs stating how far a patron needed to be clear of the building. I asked the employee not to speak to me in the manner of yelling at me creating a scene or the possibility of. The employee continued to yell at me so I ignored him. The next morning I received a call fron a woman who claimed to be the General Mgr. and was told that my behavior would not be tolerated and would have to leave her hotel. Wednesday morning approximately 10:50 I checked out of Extended Stay America. I've reported my issue to CLC ( Corprorate Lodging Company ) and also reported that a businness fax that I was waiting for was interuptted , when I called to inquire about my fax I was treated and talked to with disrespect. I was able to obtain the fax from the hotel I made new reservations with and my fax was waiting for me when I arrived and checked in. In my years of travel and hotel stay I've Never been treated so Rudely and Talked to in which the Manner that the Salt Lake City White staff (2) General Mgr. and the Red Haired Night staff spoke to me.

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