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ExoticTalk Talent Agency LLC

Country United States
State Florida
Phone 786-816-5984

ExoticTalk Talent Agency LLC Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2022

One day out of nowhere, I received a phone call from Prodigy, CEO of ExoticTalk Talent Agency LLC. Prodigy, claimed to be a top named model agent.

I was advised that if I pay $250 I can become part of the agency. Prodigy promised that I would be featured in major photo shoots, music videos and private events. He guaranteed if I pay him the money I would see results immediately. He has a great talk game but never seem to show action. Prodigy assured that I would be involved in major paid work within the entertainment, fashion and film industry.

After awhile of hearing absolutely nothing I became suspicious and skeptical about everything that has been told to me. Every time I contacted Prodigy, I heard nothing but excuses. He is a liar and a scam artist.

He started calling my phone telling me I was gorgeous and he can do things that no one else can do. So I took it in my hands, I went on their company Instagram page and spoke with dozens of ladies and have been told that he is a pervert and compulsive liar.

Anyways, He was pretty much selling me a dream and I ate it up. I’ve had a dark past and told Prodigy about it and he seemed very open in listening. I used to escort so i was looking for a change in my life and he pretty much made it seem like he was going to help me. He showed me these messages between him & major artists. So I’m pretty sure he texted himself and changed the name to "major artists names” lol. Anyone can do that. He never really handled any buisness when it came to me, all he wanted was sex. He got upset when I confronted him about money paid for services and advised that I'm no longer apart of his team.

I believe he is scamming people still and that’s how he’s collecting his cash. He’s a pathological liar, he makes it seem like he can do all these things for you but does absolutely nothing. He has a Instagram for "ExoticTalk”. He sent me pictures of his "models” that he shot and I’m smart. I took the photo and reversed image and they were found on multiple websites such as Pinterest , google , etc. every single photo . So he literally takes fake photos, posts them on Instagram, and then pretends he shot them when he clearly did not. He did not brand those women nor did he shoot them.

He’s extremely disrespectful when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a piece of sh*t who doesn’t follow through to his word. Do not fall for whatever he tells you! He’s not genuine. And any rebuttal would be coming from either him or some girl he wrote a reply to copy and paste it under this report . He’s a joke. is a nobody! He does not work for major clients. He does not know anyone famous. He’s a scammer.

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