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Excelerate Leasing

Country United States
State Indiana
City Brownsburg
Phone 317.910.7801

Excelerate Leasing Reviews

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  • Aug 21, 2019

Because these pathetic driver's don't know much and usually have bad credit, I take advantage of then for a few thousand dollars up front and then weekly payments at about $450)wk.

After it breaks down a few times and they run out of money they have to give the truck back. So I pocket the money, do the minimal amount of work to out it back on the lot and wait for the next sucker to come along

It is a fantastic business model when you are wanting to rip people off and ruin their new startup business. I might be able to get other trucking companies to pay me to Target even more retards. I'll look into that idea.

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  • Aug 29, 2017

I gave excelerate leasing a $3000 down payment on a truck that they said passed a dot inspection. It took almost 6 weeks before the truck was ready to pick up. I finally got the truck, had 2 flat tires and a serious air leak. They fixed the tires but couldn't get the part for airleak. Said i could take the truck and come back to have it fixed. Took it to my shop and it failed dot inspection. I called and talked to chris carter monday and he said i had to have his shop repair any issues. I asked why and said that was my only option. I would have to take more time off work and rent a car in order to return the truck to their shop. As i was trying to work out a plan to return the truck my shop called me and said the fuel tank sprung a leak a had leaked a lot of fuel on the ground. I told excelerate to we needed to make arrangements for them to get the truck because i wasn't going to drive it back 3hrs back to indy. They came and got the truck this weekend and refuse to refund my $3000,now i will be taking them to court. This was going to be my back up truck so i never got a chance to drive it. Dont trust these people unless you have extra time and money to fight them in court.

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  • Apr 27, 2017

I bought airline tickets so my wife and I could get to Excelrate in Indianapolous from Ca. I had spoken to a salesman named Tyler he was a nice person and I had seen magizine pic,s of the truck I wanted. We arrived, I got a cab to a hotel near Excelerate and set up a time to meet them there in the morning. (I paid for all nothing offered from Excelerate) I leased the truck and paid Jim Hasner $3500.00 dwn pmt with @ $450.00 per wk they provided a Insurence policy co. from Iowa that would ins the truck as it was not registered yet but the plates would be sent to me. I had the truck flatbeded to Compton Ca. It arrived on 2/28/17 and had not heard from Excelerate about the plates I called Tyler but he was on vacation. I went to the Ca.DMV they said I needed the title to register it so I requested it from Tyler and it arrived 7days later..Went to ca.dmv they asked what I paid for the truck? I said let me ask I called Excelerate I beleave it was C Carter awnserd and told me they paid 52k for it ! I told the dmv and she said sales tax will be almost 5k but only. $520.00 for use tax. Well I left and informed Excelerate I dont pay other peoples taxes I had been storeing the truck at a place next to the dmv outside but got a inside storage right away. A few days later the guys told me two bigrig tow trucks came there looking for the truck, long story short... I dont pay anyone or entity for " Rejected Equipment" unless they can correct the problem in a timely manner and record the problem in writing in case of a dispute. Jim Hasner told me not to e- mail him about the matter that e-mail is insufficiant ! What a crock of crap. Well he owes me almost 12k now and the truck is incurring storage fees daily. I have uncovered alot of this man's problems and have the goods to prove

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  • Aug 13, 2020

Deleted trucks

So I've personally been to their lot and seen 3 trucks that were deleted sitting on their lot. 2 are still on their site as of 1 min ago August

12 2020 I did buy one truck from them and I see I got lucky because I got a good one but def do a inspection of your own cuz their shop sucks donkey nuts

  • Jul 17, 2019

Crooks for sure

I was a customer and yes they tell you what you want to hear but when their trucks mess up your just hurting plus if for some reason you do happen to not listen and buy a truck from James hasner make sure that after they try selling you the warranty that they actly do sign you up for it they have no business etichs at all a bunch of smart asses Tyler and james are the biggest of them so my advise from someone who only looked at good reviews and got screwed stay away run

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