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EXA Industrial

Country Mexico
City TorreĆ³n Coah.
Address 304, Av Juarez, Colonia Centro
Phone 871-721-2406

EXA Industrial Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2015

I ordered 4 DOT 407 code vacuum trailers for a customer. They said they could do them, and they had the necessary licenses and permits needed for it.

Then after I had paid them, I realized they were not DOT 407. Turns out they didn't have what was needed to build them, they just wanted to get the sale. The trailers are not even legal.

So since they wouldn't take them back, I asked for at least some money back, as they charged me many thousands of dollars each trailer for the DOT 407 specification. But they just flat out refuse. They don't help with a single dollar. And all this after I had given them over $500,000 worth of business before that already.

These are the most dishonest people I know. Alejandro Zanella is the sales guy, who promised everything I wanted to hear. Then once he needs to do something, he just blames it on the owners, Enrique Martinez SR and Enrique Martinez JR, and says they don't want to fix it. When I try to call them, they never answer or reply.

Don't buy anything from EXA. If you have problems, you'll never be able to get anything from them, and since they're in Mexico, you're screwed.

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