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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Nov 28, 2019

About three months ago (September), I purchased a eWheels EW-72 scooter. Having much experience in repairing electronic and mechanical systems, I was curious about my new acquisition. Upon disassembly, I was immediately struct with how sloppily the unit was assembled.

The motor controller was hanging by one thread stripped screw and the battery terminals were loose. After re-locating the controller on a secure panel I made, and tightening the battery terminals, I thought I was done. Not so!! After riding a short distance, I heard a knocking sound from the front wheel.

This was found to be an outer wheel bearing that was not seated properly in the defective wheel race. Also the steering was erratic, needing constant corrections to keep on straight tracking. This was due to defective upper and lower ball bearings in the steering control bar, which caused excessive camber play.

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