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Country Canada
City Montreal, Quebec
Address 1435 St-Alexandre Street, Suite 1000
Phone 514 393-9490

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  • Mar 25, 2019

The CEO of this and other companies, Reuben Buckareff is not someone you want to work for.

I've worked in startups for years, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. When they don't, generally a handshake, "that's business, better luck next time" and you're out the door, ready to look for a new opportunity. No harm, no foul. I'd work for just about any of my old bosses in a heartbeat.

What separates Reuben? Unwilling to accept failure he was willing to string along a number of people with promises for months. We were silly to believe these lies for sure. When people started quitting, they weren't getting their last paycheck, then they weren't getting their last two paychecks, and so on. Myself and others are still owed back pay from this man, years later. So if you're considering working or partnering with him, remind yourself that you're a pawn in some weird corporate shell game he's going that's all about keeping exactly one man afloat. I'd also suggest googling his name and check fraud, he lied about that to the rest of us too.

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