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Evolve Media Group Inc.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Allentown
Address 29 South Law Street
Phone (347) 669-2386

Evolve Media Group Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2015

I was referred to Darnell G. Davis of Evolve Media Group Inc. to help me publish/print my first book.

Initially, he was kind and easy to work with (everyone is when they want to take your money). I paid him in full ($1,200) to print my first set of 300 books to fulfill a successful Kickstarter Campaign I had launched.

I sent him an additional $1,500 to print another round of books for me - trusting that the first set he was printing would be professional and high quality.

Upon receiving the initial 300 books, there were MANY errors throughout the book (spacing, text printed over top of other text, blank pages, etc.).

I asked Darnell not to print more books until those errors were corrected. After a month of waiting for a corrected version (he told me it would take a week) of my book to review, I still had nothing in my hands.

So, I politely asked Darnell to refund the $1,500 I had given him for my second round of books because I needed to work with someone better equipped to deliver on proposed timelines, etc.

As soon as I asked for a refund, he told me I still "owed" him about $600 from the previous set of 300 books (which would have brought my total to about $1,800 for 300 printed books - which is about double what ethical companies charge).

So, instead of having $1,500 for my next round of books, I was down to $900. He then went on to tell me that I owed him about $150 more to cover designer costs, since I was no longer going to utilize his company.

At the end of the hassle, he agreed to refund me about $750 (out of $1,500 that I should have gotten back).

That was over two months ago. During those two months, he lied on multiple occasions telling me the $750 refund check was in the mail and that I would receive it within a few days.

Once I didn't receive it, I would follow up via email and he would tell me he was going to go to his bank that day to get it taken care of - but he never did.

Towards the end of the ordeal, he let me know that his "investor" didn't believe they should refund any of my money, so he would have to pay from his personal account.

After two months of following up and politely asking for my refund and getting either no response at all, or lies from him, I had to send his information to a collection agency.

I have a mountain of emails and texts from him that prove he is in the wrong, however, he still believes that he has done nothing wrong. I don't know if he's delusional or his ego is really that big that he's not able to admit when he's made a mistake.

MY WARNING: do not trust Darnell G. Davis or Evolve Media Group Inc. with your business. They produce a sub par product and then hit you with fees (unwarranted) once you want to end the relationship because of their lack of ethics. Worst of all, they outright lie and tell you they've sent you a refund when they know very well they have not.

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