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Evolution MedSpa

Country United States
State New York
City Commack
Address 283 Commack Rd Suite 315
Phone 1 631-499-5700

Evolution MedSpa Reviews

  • Nov 30, 2019

Hey Commack we are so lucky the scammers are back hide you skin and shut your purse. Remember Body Solutions with people getting taken for cash , long term loans and some by ambulance. Well even after the prosecuted Aurora she is back to inflict her scams.

I was an unfortunate client back in 2008 with their first scam , me and about 50 others were involved in a law suit they took between a few thousand and over 10 thousand dollars from us and the courts ruled in out favor but most saw s**t because like good little scammers they called corperate bankruptsy and we all got screwed.

At the time they said they were professionals they were not , they also said the had a real doctor they didnt but this time they got this Pincus guy , must be some fine fine doc to need to sign up with these dirt bags. I would worry about that dude for sure.

They were slammed shut by the state but soon opened again with a new name. Lets see if you were ripped off by them, here are a few of their scam shops of horror.

Laser clinique massapequa No ?

Maybe you got ripped of in Laser Clinique Hicks ville No?

How about Laser clinique Bethpage No?

How about Laser Clinique -USA ( I gess they were trying to by clever)

Okay maybe whe they opened across from the Commack firehouse as laser clinique commack a few years back or

Last year as Body Evolution commack? Now evolution Medispa

See what Im talking about they burn you , scar you, take your bucks and run. Be smart call the authorities.

At leas now if you were ripped off elsewhere you know where to go.

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