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Every Child Pediatrics

Country United States
State Colorado
City Thornton
Address 9197 Grant Street, Suite 100
Phone 303-450-3690

Every Child Pediatrics Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2020

As with any public services quality services from employees are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. However, in some instances employees and management can ABUSE their position by using racist as a tool and LIE. Throughout virtually every health care facility and organization in the treatment of individuals runs THESE words: RESPECT, REPUTATION, and TRUSTWORTHY. This is vital to a company's or organization survival especially in the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Parents are driven passionately for the safety and welfare of their kids to ensure they are vaccination against any know disease and receive the yearly flu shot if required. There is a moral order of obligation that has been established by health facilities and that is to take care of customers' health concerns. When there is a gap a customer significantly perceives it as being less valued. Therefore, it moves a customer to thank in an adverse matter as I have. It has led me to believe that Every Child Pediatrics selective employees VALUES THEIR LUNCH TIME rather than giving a vaccination shot to an AFRICAN-AMERICAN KID.

On November 18, 2020 I, arrived at Every Child Pediatric of 1550 S. Potomac Street, Aurora, CO 80012 with my grandson for a scheduled flu vaccination. As a military retiree I am punctual about time therefore, I arrived ten minutes before the appointment. The first unprofessional gross mismanaged mistake the gatekeepers made was to send a pencil and paper pushed to the door to drill me about the protocol for entry. This individual became argumentatively and authoritarian stating that I was required to send a text before any initial contact. However, they had failed to provide any instructions prior to arriving. Since this individual became hostile during the conversation I asked to speak with management. He chose to send a second "Karen" paper pusher gatekeeper to speak with me AS IF SHE HAD SOME AUTHORITY! Again, I asked to speak with management or the facility medical facility.

Office Manager "Karin" Carissa Seger specially stated that "we don't see patients at 11:40 because it is our "LUNCH BREAK." The website CLEARLY shows that their standard operational hours are DAILY from 0:800 a.m.-12:00 p.m. to include Saturday. You CAN NOT STOP THE COUNT nor END THE FOOTBALL GAME at HALFTIME. It is what it is and that's racism at its best practice! A LUNCH BREAK IS BETTER THAN TREATING A BLACK CHILD!

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