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Everest Receivable Services, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Depew
Address Suite 112 5165 Broadway
Phone 1-888-397-2894

Everest Receivable Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2020

Scam Caller

The FDCPA requires that a collector make meaningful

disclosure of their identity when calling a debtor

(15 USC §1692d(6)) and that whenever communicating with a

debtor, must disclose that the call is coming from a debt collector

(15 USC §1692e(11))

  • Jul 31, 2018

I received a call today on my cell from a man who claimed to be with Everest Receivable Services, asking me to validate my address so that he could verify my identity and "update" my record on file. Oh---and that the call was being recorded. I told him I was doing no such thing until he identified himself, the actual company he was with, and the unnamed client he was claiming to represent. He proceeded to tongue-twist the supposed client identity by insisting he repeating that he had my record right there and just needed a verification from me. Again, I asked him to identify himself and the supposed client before I went any further. He tells me that this is an honest attempt to collect a debt....blah blah blah. Then proceeds to jump ahead and ask me again to verify my address, soc, and DOB, like I was stupid or something and would give him that info when he hadn't identified himself like I'd asked twice.

I gave him my street name only, not the address, and did not provide him with my ssn. He then offered to tell me the last 4 digits as if I couldn't remember them, then beat around the bush or got evasive over this client he claimed to work with, though I repeated myself again, that I wasn't continuing the conversation until he did. I then warned him I was going to end the call. He then said he'd obtained the account from Surge Credit Card, so I asked him for his business address, and he became very persistent, saying that if I wasn't able to work out a settlement/paid agreement with them today, or in option payments, it would kill any chances of a settlement with Surge Credit. forever damaging my credit report as a charge-off. Ensuring me that my account had been charged off due to inability to repay, not any laziness or refusal to repay. I asked him when the account was purchased and he said they'd received it within the past month. He then put his manager on the phone, who also asked me to verify my identity and address. Which I repeated a No, Not until they send me a Validation Letter.

The manager then put me on hold while he "checked some things, and worked on the email". I hung up and contacted Surge Credit, asking them what collections they had forwarded my past-due account to, and the woman gave me a completely different collections agency name. I promptly thanked her and then checked my email for the promised message that Everest was going to send me. It didn't arrive for some time, and when I finally opened the attachment, it was nothing more than an Agreement to Settle in Multiple Payments b.s. Not at all the Surge Credit validation documentation I'd requested.

  • Nov 3, 2016

Do not give this company any of your personal information and do not confirm or deny anything they ask you.

I received a call on my cell phone asking me to verify a person’s address. The person on the phone didn't even say who she was calling on behalf of. My cell phone number was apparently left as a "reference" to this said person. The purpose of me verifying this address was so that "Everest Receivables" could send them a document which they weren't allowed to disclose any details about. When I asked what the company did exactly, the customer rep could not answer this question. She said "we do location services and accounts receivables". When I asked what specifically that meant, the question again could not be answered with any intelligent, factual information. When I asked additional questions about the purpose of the document, my apparent relationship to this person etc., the customer service rep clearly got agitated, annoyed, flustered and condescending. I was also annoyed at this point and the customer rep was clearly not equipped to manage such a conversation with the proper attitude. Consequently, I asked to speak to her manage who was luckily "standing right there". As you can imagine, I continued to get no clarifying answers and my complaint about the prior rude customer rep, was not something he cared about and it was quickly brushed under the rug. The staff I spoke with seemed young, uninformed and uneducated about the company and services provided. They lacked serious people skills, were rude, brash and condescending.

Additionally, during the call with the manager, he proceeded to tell me the other "references" PHONE NUMBERS attached to this said person’s identity. I was shocked! I would think this is a no-no. Clearly, I wrote the numbers down and further investigated them in addition to further investigating the address they gave me of this said person. Based on the information I collected up until this point, I was able to quickly realize the huge scam that was taking place. None of the information and data they provided was adding up.

I believe they were contacting me to verify an address to perform a phising scam, specifically to reach out to a person and ask them for money for an unpaid debt that is not real.

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