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Country United States
State Florida
Address 2079 EXETER E
Phone 561 735 2080

EVAN BOVENICK Coin Partners Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2021

ON 29th April 2021 $10,239.20 was sent for an agreed satoshi on a 20,000 BTC deal.

funds did not arrive to seller. It was found that On 29th April 2021 the money went to a Russian man in Florida - Alex VUGINSHTYN - who spent money on personal debts and an Uber. He then gave EVAN BROVENICK $5000 cash and a $5000 cashier check. EVAN BROVENICK then bought 5000 of BTC and sent $1000 to a friend in Moscow and $4000 to another friend in London - keeping $5000 for himself.

Since that time Evan Brovenick has promised to repay the full amount of $10,300 daily for 34 days. Continued excuses EVERY DAY on why he didn't send the money but will return it tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. We are now forced to file a police report on this Russian scam group and a small claim to get our money back - and expenses. We lost the buyer for the 20,000 BTC deal after satoshi did not arrive. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN MONEY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. HE IS A LIAR AND THIEF.

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