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Country United Kingdom
State England
City Cambridge
Address Lower Court 3, Copley Hill Business Park, Babraham
Phone 0800-028-900
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  • Aug 14, 2015

I have read a load of different reviews of this franchise and can only agree with all of them.

The figure provided to most Franchise Owners prior to purchase of the franchise are fabrications. Mr Bowman lies through his back teeth to enable a sale and then washes his hands of you once he has your money. A complete and utter fraudster.

Faliure rates are enourmous, it must be as the franchise numbers has hardly grown despite Mr Bowman promoting the fact he sells so many new franchises even their website says so see

It seems to me that all the staff are working under the Bowman thumb and anyone who has looked to push back on him have been forced out. They had a decent enough guy in Mr Eamonn Bryne working there for a few years but when honesty got the better of him he was shot out the door.

Such a shame so many people have had to lose so much money to keep,being honest, the dishevelled looking Bowman in airplane fuel.

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