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  • Mar 5, 2018

I can’t belive it! Closed my account after 2years!

They also closed my account for no reason! WTF I’m completely shocked!!

Apperntly my account is linked to another closing account its all bullshit.

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  • Apr 10, 2017

Today I got an email stating my account was closed because it has linked to another account that has been closed, I've been with them for 9 yrs they first put me in temporary review then shut my account completely I have always done right by them never gave them an issue as well as spent a fortune advertising with them I got no real explanation why this happen, I had a customer service rep named Marina I believe total b***** when I was asdking her questions in regards of my account and refused to let me to speak to a supervisor this website is banning girls for no real reason something isn't right.

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  • Dec 16, 2018 ripoff

Eros has internally banned because No Reason at all, All the money I spent for years, They kept my money 3 times that was supposed to be a credit180 120 383

I have no idea why they did this to me I was one oldest customers they are worse than Pimps they treat you like your Slave

The Real Pimp is

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  • Oct 2, 2018

I once held the company in high regard due to their longevity in the adult entertinment industry, however things has changed as of this year for the worse resulting in advertising hopefuls being scammed out of payments. I submitted a standard ad that met and exceeded their requirements for ad placement, however several times i was told to send in more documents, each time i did, then i was timd certain photos do not meet their advertising standards.

Which were removed, then i was told to send in scanned copy of my ID front and back. this was completed too. it just seemed they had issue after issue after excuse after excuse not to publish my ad. There is no live person to speak with, all and only responses about the issue will be automated, some of their email address are either not working or undelierable.

They bounce back to your email inbox, the phone number listed is no longer answered by a live person nor can you leave a message in the que.

chat option on the site is not functioning, feedback submitted is never replied to. All and all its a scam, however as consumers we have to put the alert out WORLDWIDE, share your complaint.dispute with as many people as possible. I just would like my money back for ads that never were places online.,,

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  • Apr 3, 2017


Hello Mary,

I hope this email finds you well.

We want to inform you that it has come to our attention that your account associated to another account which has been closed in the past for policy violation, therefore this account will also be closed.

When the decision to close an account is made, it is a permanent one.

We wish you well with any future endeavors.



Customer Service Representative

WTF is what I said?! I have never had any issues, nor any payment issues with EROS since 2013. I have used my account religiously and made a ton using EROS as I have gained a lot of regular clients. When I called EROS.. first, they were completely rude. The b***h who answered, Julia, was a complete rude b***h. She told me my account was linked to closed accounts and nothing they can do about it and that I CAN NOT EVER POST WITH EROS AGAIN! They refused to refund me the money I just put up on my ad too. $350 UGH

I am dumbfounded on why? I have never changed anything about my EROS account. Never. When I started in 2013 I got so busy that I needed assistance so I did have a company I use to answer my calls but its been the same co. for 4 years. Nothing has changed on my end except 2 things: my photos, and my tour schedule obviously needs to change. That is it.

Eros failed to tell me anything on what I was linked to and I believe this is a RANDOM excuse they are using to scam girls and take their money or just getting rid of girls from the site. No one I know is linked to a closed account or banned from EROS. But I just heard from another GF that EROS is doing this to random girls. WHY?

They suck. I believe EROS is a scam and they're running on some sort of weird reasons on why they are shutting and banning girls from their site. NOthing I have done since 2013 has changed drastically. NOTHING.

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  • May 17, 2016

Warning to all who are considering or currently using Eros Entertainment for their ads. I have been a loyal and happy customer of Eros on and off for a total over 8yrs from 2003 until now, March 13th-May 16th, 2016. Until now I had nothing but excellent service and customer service from all that I'd dealt with from Eros. I was very happy to work with such a respectful and professional team. I guess a lot has changed since my hiatus from 2010-2016.

Two weeks ago on a friday after hours I went to log into my ad builder account that lets me manage my ad and it was frozen denying me access. Because their call center is closed on the weekends I had to wait until Monday to call to find out why. I desperately needed to post a visiting ad in another city as things had dried out due to the season where I was currently at and I was paying hotel costs. When I finally reached the support staff at Eros they said my account had been frozen. Baffled as to why since my ad hadn't changed in content in the two months since it was first approved. They said that since my ad account is linked to another (eros user) account that was "in question", that has since been banned for reasons they refused to say, my account is inevitably frozen by association! My head was spinning in total confusion and all I could blurt out was "what does that mean?", "I have no knowledge of another account", "how am I linked to this account?", "I gave no censent for another person to use my info, photos or name in their account", "can we fix this mix-up?". The Woman on the phone from Eros said she was a supervisor and her response was that their legal team doesn't freeze account indefinately lightly and that they can no longer do business with me!!! The blood drained from my head, panic set in, my heart started racing as I started to plead with her that I'm innocent and have nothing to do with this and I'm traveling and I need to make just a bit more $ for my down payment and pay my hotel and flight costs etc! That I've been a rule abiding customer of theirs since 2003 when they were small and was one of the many young women who loyally paid them thousands over the years!!! Her voice was cold as she just said she wished me luck... Are you crazy lady?!! You just murdered my main source of income and banned me for life and I've no way of fininshing paying off my condo downpayment and travel costs and bills!!!!!

I thought for sure they made some kind of mistake as all I ever did on Eros was make a classy appropriate ad and pay for it like everyone else does... Why am I being punished like a criminal as if I was in the wrong to never be allowed to post on Eros again (they require a government photo ID with a full face shot and you pay for your ads with a CC and I can't afford or get new photos while traveling and now out of $). I was devestated and still am. I couldn't eat or sleep for a few days and cried my eyes out in fear, and genuine hurt for being thrown out by eros like trash with a slap in the face after years of business with little or no compassion or any real explanation which they say compromises their security... I'm still sick to my stomach and only now a little over this mass depression and helplessness to have contacted a legal firm for a free consultation. If anything I do not want this to happen to another innocent girl whos as hard working and honest as I am. The very last person this should've happened to. Eros is the biggest most influential site that gets the most traffic which makes this very devestating. I had major plans to pay off my condo in 4yrs, now that's gone as well as all the lost opportunities.

Eros does't care and doesn't protect their honest and innocent customers AT ALL. It's astounding that they are so vidgulent about ad content as far as no genital nudity in the photos, no inappropriate written content and no trade marked brands, no one under age, yet someone with a bad ad that gets banned can take me down too just by lifting a photo, or putting my name, email addess or site address in their ad without my knowledge and I go down with them to where I'm now banned for life???!!!!! Does that make sense to anyone? All they care about is protecting themselves from legal action from illegal ad content. I bacically got a good F-U and kick in the face from them. You would think they'd want to keep my very highend and classy ad and the $ I was paying them... But I hear they've gotten so big with other stuff they are doing, that they just don;t care about the feew people they feel they have to anally let go. Read the other bad reports on them and you will soon get a good picture on what a selfish and uncarring monopoly they've become... All I can say is Karma has a way of evening things out, especially when it happens to good people. I urge everyone to speak out against injustice, especially to women in this business. We aren't just a $ sign or a trashy person. We have lives and goals and hardships like anyone else. I am educated and caring and I had real goals that were good ones and this company that was so vital to me just doesn't see that and I'm a nobody to them. There's always another girl who will sign up oblivious that a total stranger can't one day soon take her out -forever...

Broken hearted, lost, but a fighter and I'm not done fighting for whats right.

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  • Sep 12, 2021

DON’T WAS YOU TIME with Adrianna Milani Very disrespectful I what’d to spend time with a real women my wife is always out doing something the kids are always gone, was going to send a good amount of money but after texting her talking to her she is a Piece of [email protected] I found someone else if I whaled that I wood just have my wife be her self for free

[email protected]

  • Dec 17, 2019

I hate eros! i wish slixa was in slc but because its not i'm forced to compete with the fake agency ads. I pissed them off once with an email i sent for my dissatisfaction i had with them and ever since they make me wait days for approval on renewals and the deny and good picture i take. I hate how they operate and can't wait till i can start my own website. F$#@ eros!

  • Dec 17, 2018

Fake Girls

Unfortunatly the words verified and VIP do not mean squat. Did not get a girl that looked anything like the pictures, wasn't her and didnt provide anything but an upsale. Stay away from Eros Las Vegas

  • May 9, 2018

I am a professional dominatrix in Edmonton Alberta. I’ve been working five years in this industry professionally. I advertised with this site when I first started they were very good they communicated very well and I trusted that I had no problems with them at that time that was five years ago. now Backpage is taken down and they claim that they have a lot of Clients to deal with. I have sent them over 20 messages they have not messaged me back personally. they have taken my money and they did not post my ad. they would not give me help or reason why. they claim no refunds there in Switzerland and I’m in Canada so I am out $80 in advertising. I just don’t think that’s fair !

  • May 7, 2018

They robbed me of a high ad for 80.00$ took my bitcoins on Sunday April 15th at 8am and it's 4days after and my ad still not posted to their website yet. STAY AWAY BACKPAGE WAS BETTER They took my bitcoins and NEVER posted my ad! check my Tumblr page for proof pix that they ripped me off.

  • May 17, 2017

Victoria, an escort advertising with Eros.Com truly "ripped me off!!" I gave her $400 + $120 for the first hour which we never realized. Eros.Com said her charge would be $400 for one hour of her time. When I expressed a desire to spend more time with her, she and I went to purchase 3 gift cards for a total of $1500 with a $4.95 tax on each of the 3 cards pruchased.

I understood that I would spend an additional 3 hours of actual entertainment time with her. When we returned to the motel room which I had rented, within 30 minutes Victoria, said, we have about 15 minutes left. I expressed my chagrin and suprise and discontentment.

She said her tip would be $1000 and the rest would go to I stated clearly that she did not tell me this before I purchased the 3 gift cards. She skated around my "complaint" saying that she was sorry for any misunderstanding.

Please inform others to be sure of what they are totally receiving before giving any money to any of these escorts or agencies. Very poor business - I was very dissatified. I hope anyone who reads this will avoid this escort and again be careful with any others.

Word to the wise, I pray.

  • May 15, 2017

Eros has underage girls on their site. The exploit minors and are nothing but glorified pimps. They refused to refund my money when I asked to be taken off their site after discovering the underage girls. They kept 3,000.00 of mine. They won't accept phone calls or return any emails . They have literally gone dark on me. They blocked my twitter..

  • Feb 23, 2017

Fake girls. Ageny. Pimps girls. Rip off dont even get what you pay for. Fake girls backpage is better.

  • Jan 14, 2017

I just gave my drivers license to a scam artist! AND wasted $50 and 4 days of my time writing a bio and submitting pictures. Submit the ad. Message pops up that it take 24 hours to be approved as an ad moderator need to approve.

1st attempt denied. They dont like my name so start back over rewriting it

because they dont save your work so write it again and wait forever for photos to upload.

wait again 24hours

2nd attempt denied because they dont like a word.

Do it AGAIN. Which takes forever as I have to start over. The area in which to write your info for ad bio is horrible,

If you write it one way upon submitting the sentences run together and it looks wrong. Try to fix it, to no avail and they wont help you. uplod photos again that takes an hour at least. then it can time out also so start over again

Finally get it to submit...wait 24 hours

get another email that they dont like the drivers license photo front and back.. take another Id photo

do it again wait 24 hours. Finally approved! Yeah success ..gee that was so hard but now I'm live

Next DAY I get a phone call from Eros company. Now this man Marcus is on the phone he says they called me a few hours ago and didnt like my voicemail message and that my account had been closed and no refund.

What the heck...why does my voicemail matter? I didnt understand why they called to check my voicemail?

I read the user agreement and it said nothing about voicemails. Also please note nothing is wrong with my voicemail message. I told him that ..he said the legal team doesnt like it.

So obviously they dont like my name, the dont like my bio, they dont like words, they really dislike voicemail and infact he said the "legal team" has decieded that I cannot place ads on thier site and once the decide that. I cant do anything to change their minds. I can tell you that I did nothing wrong or illegal! I tried and tried and tried to do everything like the other ads. I tried to do everything they wanted over and over and over again!

They just dont like me, I guess! as they kept having some excuse for what I do wrong. I said look Im new I am trying to do it how you want. He said the legal team has if they are God.

So I asked for my $50 dollars back he said no refunds. So I wasted 4 days writing ads over and over waiting for uploads waiting for approval only to be denied everytime. I also wasted $50.00 and gave them all my personal info

I sent the photos of my Id. My drivers license, Oh No what Have I done who are these people, maybe I made a terrible mistake sending my ID? Then I go back onto their site. I begin to realize that in major citys, they only have a few ads. This ad board should be floaded?? I begin to think I was stupid for signing up as no other girls are signing up..or maybe others are trying only to be denied and they keep your money.

See they need that money first and ID and then when you do it ..your Denied and no money back! plus they have your personl info. Do Not try to place an ad with them

Now I think the few ads I see are fake made up by them to look real and get otrhers to ripoff

But maybe those other girls are real. I just dont know how they ever placed an ad and got approved.

I guess the guy just approves who he likes and if he doesnt like you for a number of reasons then they will keep your money and don't care how many days you wasted, trying to do it over and over again.

I'm glad this is over so I dont have to keep writing the ad again and again. wow that was Ground hog day.

Please heed my warning and dont go through this as I did. It's pointless and a waste of time and money.

  • Jan 4, 2017


Well today after being an advertiser of Eros Guide for over 25 yrs, I was banned for no reason.

The rep on the phone was trying to sell me on more advertising and I said no thankyou very nicely. I just wanted to continue with my base ad as usual.

She took my credit card numbers and billed me and later I called back and they took my ad off line.

????? When I call them they are rude and hang up on me.

I know for sure the girl was upset I would not buy the more expensive ads from her.

  • Dec 14, 2016

I have been one of the "grandmother " of Eros. Started posting with since they started the company. One day I tried to sign in to my account and I couldn't a message popped out saying that I need to call customer service, so I did . When I call a lady she said that my account was permanently closed and that I was not going to be able go to do business with them any longer because my account was suspected of fraud ( linked to another account) . What??? R u f kidding me? The lady didn't even let me talk and understand the situation she said I'm sorry ma'am and have a good day. How can I have a good day with this news ? Excuse me Eros where do u guys think we make money from? U can not just close someone's account like that. I have been loyal to this company for so many years and spent a lot of money on ads. U guys cannot just throw someone to the curb like that thinking it's alright. Cried my booty of for 2 weeks ,desperate with knowing what to do and I still don't know. Very unfair what they did to me. Feeling humiliated . Y didn't you Eros do that when u were nothing? Of course you needed my money right? Now that Eros has grown and became big with my help of course. I got thrown away like a piece of used gum !

  • Dec 2, 2016

I placed an ad on; entered all the info required, ID was OPTIONAL, was able to checkout and pay. Nowhere did it mention I needed to provide Gov ID, only after payment (via bitcoin for privacy) they will email you with that demand and provide a link (// not found on their public site as no links to it can be found beside very unclear what kind of ID mudt be provided in the FAQ's , they know it is ILLEGAL, that is why they do this in a sneaky way only after you have paid and feel obligated to provide the Gov ID otherwise you loose your money!

Next day I receive an email by a 'senor' customer service person named Julia and an other email from andrea asking me to provide a goverment ID and an Authentication Photo. I have replied that I can do a Authentication Photo but in no way will I give out my Gov ID!! I have received a reply that it was only for the purpose of Identification and make sure I am over 18!

First of, I am a well established (10 years now) CMT, I am a memeber of other verification webistes such as P411, I have a pro expensive website with hundreds of pics AND I am obviously over 40yrs old, hence question why would they insist on getting Gov ID as in my case it is not credible. I can understand if someone is obviously bate and switch and has no reputation, website or verified on other well reputed verification sites but in my case it doesn't appy.

I have contacted a legal advocate which told me this:

'Not in Canada they cannot ask/demand Gov ID. According to the RCMP’s Cyber Division NOBODY can ask for this type of ID including; Corporations, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Employers (except for filling out your Income Tax forms), Email providers (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.) and also includes the Government themselves via Internet.

ONLY the Government and Immigration can ask to see this type of ID and it MUST be in person. The Police & RCMP can obviously ask to see your driver's license but NOT your Passport, Credit cards, Birth certificate etc. They can ASK but you do not have to show these ID’s.

Under the Canadian Cyber Crime Act this is know as “phishing” and is 100% illegal so if you get a good lawyer, took screenshots of the original screen when you were blocked from Facebook and asked to provide these types of ID’s and also saved the email that Facebook sent you (if you did provide this) AGAIN then you will win a lawsuit in court.'

I have emailed Eros back with these finding after I have called and reported to the proper autorities at :

I was confirmed that are acting illegally toward Canadian customers and it is agaist the law to demand Gov. ID ans refuse services if not provided! AND that this inapprorpiate fishing of gov. ID is a crime in Canada AND that fraud has occure the moment they misreprested themself and allowed me to pay for an ad then entrapped me into giving a gov. ID otherwise would loose my payment.

I have sent them 2 emails, last one was to officially demand a refund of my payment and they never replied, yet they are quick to reply when it's time to sell you ads, on my first day they called every hour for a total of 6 emails within an hour!! Now that I have told them I am on to them and know they are illegally demanding Gov ID and taking paypemnt in adavance which is fraud and intrapment!

I urge any Canadian to open a case, you can do so anonymously, it is imparative that these people get exposed and shut down for their illegal activities! They prey on vulnerable women and so many give out their gov ID or loose the payment for not complying with this illegal demand! This needs to stop!!!

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