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Eric L. Carter, MD

Country United States
State Florida
City Lutz
Address 4211 Van Dyke Rd
Phone 813 443 7000

Eric L. Carter, MD Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2023

This post is about Eric L.K Carter ( 8/05/1979) a medical doctor located in St. Joseph’s North Lutz , Florida. This priceless scum bag has 4 children and has been married for 27years. Sounds like an outstanding citizen right? Wrong! He’s a medical doctor who has been lying to his wife since the very beginning of their marriage. He’s had intercourse with 100’s of women in which he proudly admits, this includes young naive nurses, nurses aids, house keeping personal. If it has a vagina and works at the hospital .. he’s probably tried fornicating with them. He doesn’t care about any of his patients and has admitted on multiple occasions how much he hates the hospital and his loser patients …how they’re all a waste and he wishes they would all die off . He lies to his wife and children on a daily basis , he meets up with women during his lunch break and engages in sexual acts in his black ford pick up truck, near the hospital . He’s a narcissist , lying cheat and needs to be exposed for the fraudulent person he is. he doesn’t deserve anything but acid in his p***s and testicles , and his poor wife needs to learn the truth about her "beloved husband” , because eventually he will give her AIDS or herpes. Poor lady

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