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Eric Barkemeyer

Country United States
State Colorado
City Norwood
Address P. O. Box 1156
Phone 970-327-0345

Eric Barkemeyer Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2015

I first contacted eric barkemeyer through an item posted on ebay; however he convinced me to purchase an even better telescope. One thing led to another and the deal ended up outside of ebay. He got me to agree to purchase a laser site as well as a 2 inch diagonal and eyepiece Instead of 1.25 inch). So i ended up paying more for those items. When i received the box, i noticed that this very large and heavy telescope was packed in a very flimsy box. The first thing i noticed was that one of the forks on the fork mount was completely cracked through...A clean slice all the way through. There's no way of knowing if that was already shipped in that condition, or if it was damaged during shipping. Either way, a properly packed telescope would not have suffered this severe breakage.

Then i noticed that the laser site prism was missing and the laser didn't even turn on. The final thing i noticed was that the proper diagonal and eyepiece were not shipped. So basically i was upsold and received garbage in return. This entire telescope is in dumpster condition. At first the seller was communicating with me. He helped me through the process of getting the information for the usps insurance claim. But he never shipped out the original finder scope or the 2 inch diagonal and eyepiece he promised to send. Further emails went unanswered and he seems reluctant to do anything to make this deal somewhat tolerable. I gave him one last chance to deliver on his promise to send out the broken/missing items and one week later i have nothing.

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