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Eric's Auto Kustoms

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 8510 Tidwell Rd
Phone 713-633-4533

Eric's Auto Kustoms Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2016

Car was never fixed and gave me the run around. had to take someone up to his so with me to pick up car because he refuse to fix it and did not want to give car back and refund me my money. this was the worst service i ever received from any business. this must be stopped. I'm out of 1100.00 and car still not fixed.

I am filing a report beacuse i was mistreated and taken advantaged of. I looked on the internet to find a auto repari body shop to fix the doors on my 2005 white dodge durango suv. I recently was hit in a hit and run accident, which caused my driver side front and back doors to be wrecked. I call the body shop and he immediatly came to my house to see the car. I was told that he can have my vehicle fixed within a month. We discussed the price nad was quoted a price of 2700.00. Then, I told i will give him 1100.00 up front and the remainder when fixed. I call to go a see the progress of the work and was given the run arouunds. I went by the shop about twice the next week and each time he was never there. I finally went by and found him there and asked to see my car and he had the doors of car but car was just sitting there. I call a week later and he said we was waiting on the doors to arrive. Now this is about a month now, so call again a week later and wanted to meet him there but received more accuses. i was getting feed up so i just stopped by and my car was setting there like a storage for other car parts on top and still in same condition as the last time. So, I ased when will my car be fixed and he started raising his voice and said when he get a chance to fix it he will lewt me know. I then told him to give me my money back andi will find someone else. Then, he said he neede mor money. I told him why would i give you more money and you haven't done anything to the car. He got upset and said it was going to cost more money then what he originally quoted me. I told him I need him To put the doors back on my car and i will pick it up and give me back my money. He said ok.

I was told To come back the next week and he will have it done. I came back and my car was still in the same exact spot ands nothing was done. I brought another mechanic with me and told him to give me my car and had words with him because he was not trying to give it back. So I finally got my car back not fixed and still have not received my 1100.00. No car fixed and know money. This must stop! This should not have happen!!

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