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Epique Realty

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 5900 Balcones
Phone 512-387-0722

Epique Realty Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

I recently got hired by epic realty to become a representative of their clientele. I was hired by Joshua Miller who was the representative, aunt Janice Juliet was my mentor and advisor For about one week. they had me to ours an hours of paperwork and work as well as making me pay for Har MLS supra and a couple other financial investments all under the guise that I would be compensated with your revenue for doing so meeting. I would spend my time, effort and money that would yield me a profitable situation.

This was indeed a lie, as soon as I spent all that time, effort and money I was informed that the company is restructuring and I asked for a refund for my expenses and they said basically you are ripped off but what they actually sad is that’s your problem which to me translates the same thing I was tricked scammed and ripped off by epic realty at Joshua Miller and Janice Juliet.

the purpose of this post is for others to be where before they spend all their time and money that they too can end up in a situation like this undesirable by also falling into this trick that guy was scammed.

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