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Enclave at Grapevine

Country United States
State Texas
City Grapevine
Address 2311 W Grapevine Mills Cir
Phone 1 972-695-9570

Enclave at Grapevine Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2022

Currently a tenant here for 18 months. I have been watching this property deuterate. Here it is June 2022 and they still have not repaired all the landscaping from when we had the ice storm 2 winters ago. After the storm they tore out all the bushes in front of my apartment and left me with nothing but a dirt patch and every time it rains, I have a giant mud patch very disgusting. Now that it is peak pool season the complex has shut down the pool starting June 13th and will be closed to after the 4th of July and if were luck it is supposed to re-open July 10th. The enclave had 9 months to get the resurfacing done. But again, there excuse is there at the mercy of their vendors. Last I checked the person who is cutting the check is the person that is in charge not the vendor. Just imagine if you called a plumber and he said I can only schedule you for Midnight 9 months from now. What would you do you would find another plumber? Management lies to us and just expects us to except it. Next issue management is not taking care of a major rodent problem we have by our dumpsters here. Their response is an email sent out saying great news everyone Grapevine animal rescue captured a Racoon. We also have had a snake problem by the dog park I personally told them to send out an email about the copperheads I witnessed and as of yet no email was sent. However, there was a sign a tenant left at the gate saying their dog had been bit. Understand this is not cheap property they ask for top dollar here in fact they just raised my rent by $400 witch i got them to lower by a $100 by complaining $1700 for a 1 bedroom. Hate to be a Karen but if you charge that much money you want service not excuese and certainly not shutting down a community pool in peak of the summer season. That is just management not giving a dam about there tenants. If you are looking to rent my advise is to drive right by the enclave. There are much nicer places within walking distance that actually cae about there tenants. I only left a 1 star because it didn't allow me to go any lower.

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