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Empire Van Lines

Country United States
State New York
City Fresh Meadows
Address 18217 69th Avenue
Phone (718) 969-4909

Empire Van Lines Reviews

  • Aug 19, 2016

EMPIRE VAN LINES LLC: (St. Louis, Mo.) 08/18/2016

UNsure if this is the same company (name changed a little - that was put out of business in NY, or the one in Ontario, CANADA. I have a feeling since they story matches alot like ours..

My wife went thru Assurance Van lines, and they as brokers linked us to Empire Van Lines.

Now the quote started at around 2100, then my wife added a couple of small teddy bear chairs amd a pinic table and chair, and now it was 3100, we had to put 50 % down for pickup, then WOULDNT OPEN the DOORS until paid in FULL. After they opened the door, I would have told them to go Fu_K themselfs and told them to leave. SO the total cost for this move was just over 5100 dollars. moving a family (couple size our kids are gone with their things. When I was in the military they movers would apply little numbered stickers.. Well these guys EMPIRE VAN LINES. didn't have any of that.. IT took 4 appts for them

to finally show. at about 11 PM.. Yes at night, they finished about 2 a.m in the morning. They EMPIRE VAN LINES gave me a weight ticket, which I couldn't confirm went to that truck or not. See we moved a small house, one bedroom, the second bedroom was moved locally to her sisters house. so they EMPIRE VAN LINES.never touched that. We had stuff already in storage, which I still need to move. In the end they EMPIRE VAN LINES. stated we had about 8000 lbs. We only had a stove, no other appliance's, and just one bed .. Sleep number type (just air bags) and not the adjustable frame system.. so a total of maybe 150 lbs with headboard. When it came time to be delivered, I waited again four

times, and told them EMPIRE VAN LINES.over and over, I wanted to be present to see the actual weights. Guess what they shoed up around 7pm at night.. got another weight ticket that doesn't have a truck vin, number or plate associated with it, as proof. also it the truck was weighted 4 days later, after the pick up.. ?? but the location is only 3 hrs away from where they picked up our stuff. We had serious damages, new couch had a 1 inch hole in the front of the leather panel like a neon sign.. they loaded our treadmill, on our new lawnmower, they loaded our two ADA type lift chairs,

stacked them on top of each other and then took out stove with a severely dented back panel on top on the chairs.. boxes, have broken china, sets, my wife is very upset because this is from her dead mother.. Boxes, that were square, look round. Even the persons unloading stated the truck was loaded stated it was BULLS*** how it was done.. it was mixed with another family's stuff, which was damaged also.. they EMPIRE VAN LINES.divided the loads via a orange rope. Box after box has broken glass on pictures.. How they damaged this much stuff is ?? they ripped the top of a brand new end table ??

So the company is named EMPIRE VAN LINES. NO stickers, fails to allow you to see the weight tickets, makes up estimates with weights that are crazy, and finds a away to get that number. again the name is EMPIRE VAN LINES out of st. louis. I appears they have less then 10 people in he company, and they wont reply to your calls without telling you, u will only get 60 cents a pound per item.. the ADA table cost 3200 bucks, weights about 250 lbs. so I will get a check for only 200 bucks.. SOMETHING IS not right, I filed a claim with their insurance, that has been a joke. After 20 days still word of what they are going to pay for.. I'm a 100% disabled Veteran, from the gulf war, no one appears to care how

bad they screwed up your stuff, I think people just finally quit fighting and let it go.. Well I was a police officer also.. Picked the wrong family, I will go all the way, till this disease I have finally kills me I will hold you accountable for those damage's to my children, and wife's items, as well as mine. Paperwork, they half a*s'ed there way thu it, and left my wife with papers that just simply showed some boxes got moved. Nothing special written, since they can read or write very well, I HATE TO HAVE TO SAY IT, but they used an extra letter in spelling the name of DAVID. The word "LAFT" is "LEFT" numberous other things were written which I couldnt make out. If you want to have a shipment of fragile or

personal goods moved and want them destoryed, I would say your best bet would be to hire them. I have one box that has fragile written in 4 inch high letters, that is crushed, and rolled ?? HOW they di that I have no idea, I couldnt do they damage they did without getting some guys together and start drinking for hours ahead of time, then move the stuff.. OR maybe they entered the moving truck in a demolition derby, and thats hwo things got damaged. Padding, what sinking padding, they didnt use any, some places they used a couple of boxes. Also I had a really nice layer of rust on my tools.. I never lived never the ocean, and they shouldnt have been near one traveling to drop off my stuff (less then a month later) I thought it was supposed to be in a climate controlled enviroment?

So as of today, 20 days after I filed the claim for damages, I still have no idea what if anything I will be given, if nothing I will continue to promote this letter (mini booklet) everywhere. it will cost them more then they think. PLus a civil case might get them motivated.

Pros: Easy name to remember EMPIRE VAN LINES. (st. louis)

Cons: to many to list, here. changing stories, lies and damages, unprofessional as hell.

Assurance Van Lines linked us to gather and was NO help with these people, so I only have reason why, they are in collusion with EMPIRE VAN LINES.

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