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report scam


Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 2870 Peachtree Rd #481


  • Jul 19, 2021

Erick Moore along with his associates Carlos Davis - [email protected] , Bryan Bishop - [email protected], Tamia Lucas - [email protected], Richard Greenwood - [email protected] and [email protected] they have been leading me on for 11 months as to their resources to government funding and investors money to fund a startup Buisness. They sent a fraudulent letter of funding for some Realestate. They had me pay for lawyer fees title search and sign a buyers agreement for a particular property for the construction of the Buisness. They delayed there due diligence with excuses after excuses. Once I confronted their continuing false legitimacy of their fraudulent company and I showed them a timeline of events that I documented and investigations of the company's structure. Erick Moore became very defensive and started accusing and insulting me with all sorts of comments. This is when I concluded that this could only be a scam, no professional and legitimate company would conduct themselves in the manor that was show. As of today they do not answer emails or phone calls and still owes me money that we have a contract for to refund the funds that was placed in an escrow because of their default on their agreement. See below the investigation findings.

I have tried calling your corporate number and when I put in an extension it deferred me to Seidler Investment Group a oil and gas company in Alvarado Tx, and they have no knowledge of EMHC.

The original wiring information sent on 6-30-20 by EHMC to D&S had IBC bank address 5615 Kirby Drive Houston Tx. When this was investigated the routing number actually went to a IBC bank at 1200 San Bernardo Ave. Laredo Tx. Account Name: ERS Moore Investment holdings (escrow). Not sure why this information was misinformed. 2870 Peachtree rd. suite 481 Atlanta Georgia which is advertised as your corporate office. It is a box (#481) in a UPS Store. “which at the time of investigating was full of mail” 3262 Westheimer rd. Suite 243 Houston Tx. Is also a box (#243) in a UPS Store. 10700 Richmond Avenue Houston Tx, is managed by Lee & Associates and they do not or have not leased space at that address under EMHC Investment corp., EM Capital LLC. or Erick Moore. The Texas Secretary of State shows no current registry for EMHC Investment Corp, EM Capital Management. Actually it shows that EMHC Investment Holdings was revoked in 11-20-2020 Georgia Secretary of State shows no current registry of EMHC Investment Corp, EM Capital Management. The only current registry under Erick Moore is Hillridge Holding Company with the address of 2870 Peachtree rd. #481 Atlanta Georgia, all others have been dissolved. Have you had any dealings with Kirk West. I have attached his complaint about money owed to him.