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Country United States
State Michigan
City Evart
Phone 231-357-2701

ellajo1214 Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2021

This past summer I bought an akc male. He was special needs which I was fine with. I was told he was blind but health otherwise. Well I got him home, we found out he was deaf to... okay as long as he's healthy. He started wobbling his head and stuff, then started having seizures... I went to message the lady and she didn't respond but continued to post the double merle puppies.

Then I started looking into her more and she is a broker for the amish... also I didn't know the pup was double mee till I got his akc papers that shows mom n dad were both merle... His neurological issues got so bad that he had to be put down. I asked for my money back (yes I paid for this puppy).

I just wanted my money back and the fee for euthanasia but no response. These people are completely unethical.

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