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Elevate Life Church

Country United States
State Texas
City Frisco
Address 8500 Teel Pkwy
Phone 1 214-387-9833

Elevate Life Church Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2018

Warning: Beware of this church! The fa├žade that is presented is not what they really are. The outside appearance looks good on the surface and they talk about love but when it comes down to it, the only love they show is for themselves. The church leadership is extremely arrogant and place themselves above the lowly congregation. If you ask questions, expect it not to be answered. They will do everything they can to twist it to be all about emotions rather than facing the facts. They like to follow the principles of Matthew 18:15-17, for conflict resolution, like the head Pastor is the definitive authority. God is the definitive authority! If you are going against one of their chosen leaders, they do not care about you nor do they try to seriously resolve the issue. All you will get is a bunch of pre-canned mumbo jumbo answers, redirect responses or even flat out deliberate lies. They care more about the appearance than the substance. What they ignore is 1 Timothy 5:20 and Titus 1:7 because they only pick and choose what works for them.

This warning is not from someone that has just visited the church but from someone that has been behind the scenes for several years witnessing the deception first hand. While I am not offering specifics here, I can assure you that I do have written and firsthand knowledge of this and am willing to freely discuss it with anyone that wants more information.

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