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Country United States
State North Carolina
City Goldsboro
Address 2453 US Highway 117 S
Phone (919) 735-9139
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  • Jan 16, 2016

Ordered a part for a customers tv for $50 and they shipped the wrong part even the box had someone else's name on the box the part I ordered was bout 1' by 1' and I get this box in the mail half the size of the part I called the company and to this day they have never returned my call emailed them and Mike from sales finally emailed me box telling me the part was delivered even after I sent him a email with the picture of the part they sent and the other person's invoice . this company shouldn't be in business needless to say I took the liberty to call the person who's part I got and sent him his and he sent mine to put it in perspective I live in Maryland and the part I got was suppose to go to New Mexico total shame outfit plus now I'm out more money for shipping it to the other person which I now that electronresort wouldn't even think about reimburseing me.

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