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Electronic Forms LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 400 NW 26th St Suite 9A
Phone 1(844) 5-EFORMS

Electronic Forms LLC Reviews

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  • Jul 14, 2017

I signed up for this service for the trial period and then immediately cancelled it. Then I decided I wanted a form so I entered the site within the 7 day period and got the form. This sign in by me gave the company permission to initiate a monthly fee that I did not catch for 5 months. The last email communication I recieved was "sorry to see you go."

A form is not worth $75 no matter how good it is. Forms are available elsewhere with no monthly fee. Buyer beware!

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  • Dec 13, 2017

This company should advertised their fees at first. They should not said "it's free" and do a bait and switch

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