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Eldorado Resorts, LLC

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3700 Las Vegas Blvd S
Phone 1-800-454-4771

Eldorado Resorts, LLC Reviews

  • Mar 1, 2018

I, Like the majority who own a time share with Grandview Las Vegas / El Dorado Resort have been swindled by their sales pitch and promises. My husband and myself purchased the time share in 2013. Of course they told us all these wonderful things about the time share like that we can refinance for a lower interest rate, we can use the Disney vacation resorts through the time share exchange which is what sold us because our wedding was coming up and we figured it was a great way to go on our honeymoon. 3 Days later after we made the purchase. I called the company stating that I didn't want the timeshare any longer. They told me that if I wanted to get rid of it I would have to find a real estate agent in my own. I had no idea that Nevada had the 5 day law to where you can return the time share. This was never explained to me. Not even when I called. I feel swindled cheated and hurt. I have made all my payments on time and have never even used the time share.the couple of times I did call nothing was available to use even on off season I recently gave a payment online like I always do and noticed that the next day a second charge came in.

So I called my bank so that they can credit me for one of the double charged which they did after both charges posted. I am now getting a call from El Dorado Resort stating they didn't receive my payment and want me to make a payment?? I've tried explaining to them that I can see it on my bank statement that indeed both charges are listed and I was only credited for 1. I also called my bank to verify that indeed the charge had been processed and only one had been returned. But the El Dorado Resort people are extremely rude so now I'm battling that. I have read of some people that were able to get out of their contract. I don't want to stop payment and ruin my credit. I've tried with a realtor and get no where I'm extremely stressed and now that we are on a single income can't afford to pay especially for such a terrible company.

I truly wish I could go back in time and not get the time share because it would have saved me a lot of heartache and stress. I feel swindled cheated and lied to. I noticed some people mentioned a class action lawsuit but I'm not sure what happened with that. I just don't know what else to do.

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