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Elan Financial Services

Country United States
State North Dakota
City Fargo
Address P.O. Box 6354
Phone 888-520-8796

Elan Financial Services Reviews

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  • Oct 30, 2017

Elon Financial has card member services I called to check bill do well before the due date the automated system gave me an amount due on set date so I went ahead and made the payment. Then 2 weeks before the bill was due i recieved a statement your payments is due so I called them and they go well your last payment went towards last month which I had already paid by the way. Best advise DO NOT OBTAIN ANY CREDIT CARDS THAT DEAL WITH CARD MEMBER SERVICES.

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  • Nov 22, 2021

I had a credit card which I thought was with Atlantic Union Bank. When I moved I notified Atlantic Union Bank of my new adderss. Turns out that the credit card was with Elan, a company I had never heard of.

One day out of the blue Elan closed the account because they did not know my address. All they had to do was call. The account was set up for automatic payment so they were getting paid every month.

  • Jan 2, 2017

I received a check from Cardmember Service in the amount of $92.39. No letter came with this check stating what the refund of monies was for. This check has a copied signature of a Craig E Gifford on it. I knew something was not right immediately upon opening it since it had no letter with the check.

Please people, do not fall into these sick, twisted scum bags scams. Do not cash it!! I got this check in the mail just after Christmas, so these kooks are hoping that people strapped for money this time of year will cash their bogus check & somehow get in to your personal bank info & god knows what else!

  • Sep 10, 2016

After less than one month of use, my microwave touch pad appeared cloudy. A web site stated that the shipping film was not removed. I tried to remove it and, yes, my bad, I damaged the panel. We will bypass the discussion of why the touch pad is so poorly made. I now cover my hands before I use my microwave. GE told me that I could buy a new touch pad/control panel combo or purchase a new oven at cost including shipping and installation for about the same price. My only options \, as the GE warranty does not cover shoddy materials, only a total break down.

At the time I made my decision to exercise the replacement option, I wasn't told of GE's policy that my range must be removed to install the new microwave. We could have had the range moved before the delivery. The GE representative started to move my range over an unprotected, new hickory hardwood floor. So, we self-installed without moving the range (not hard, the bracket was already in place.) GE had the nerve to require us to pay the installation that we did ourselves to protect our floors.

I charged back the installation charge to Elan. After receiving a "dummy" customer receipt from GE, my chargeback was denied. I am out $129.00 for an installation we had to perform ourselves in order to protect $15K of flooring.

Yes, looking back, Elan wanted me to allow GE to trash my floors, so that they wouldn;t have to be bothered by my "petty" issue.

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