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Eileen Brockbank

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 550 Riverside Drive
Phone 212-864-6941

Eileen Brockbank Reviews

  • Sep 26, 2017

On September 5, 2017, I hired Eileen Brockbank, freelance translator and editor, to edit a literary work, and I sent her $35 through PayPal. However, when I reviewed her online resume on Proz, I noticed she didn't have experience editing literary work and the next day I emailed Ms. Brockbank, canceling my project. I sent a copy of the email to PayPal's Resolution Center.

An hour later, Ms. Brockbank emailed me a partially edited version of my article. I replied I was not satisfied with the quality of her work. Thereafter, I concluded it would be best to consult with a literary editor.

She then emailed me: "Over time, I believe you will be better served by a person who specializes in literary editing. However, I have also done some literary editing, and there are not a whole lot of people out there who know the English language better than I do; that's why I agreed to do it."

The literary editor edited the entire article and said the previous editor had done a poor job. He also corrected basic grammatical errors Ms. Brockbank had overlooked and ones she added to the text.

I asked Ms. Brockbank for a partial refund in exchange for not publicizing my bad experience with her. She replied by email: "Are you threatening me? I am shocked at that behavior. Why would you want to turn me into an enemy? Get a grip. If you wish to pay me, send me a check and I will release the amount on PayPal when I have it in hand and deposited. Otherwise, let's end these communications. I have tried to help you and have only gotten trouble for my efforts. Enough. Let's both move on."

After this, I requested a full refund through PayPal. PayPal ruled in her favor, even though I explained to one of their representatives that I had evidence of her poor work and customer service.

I very much hope my review helps this editor to improve the quality of her work and communication with future clients.

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