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  • Mar 19, 2019

This "company's is related to www.Itefl.Org and Do not get caught in any of these as all are scams and have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people across the globe through their franchise scheme. They look highly professional. You go through an interview process, get offered training trips, courses and monthly newsletters. It all looks fantastic. The sales they promise are ridiculously high but they also promise to refund if you don't hit a certain level. That's where the problem starts. You won't make sales. I sent in over 700 leads via my marketing and not one resulted in a course selling, according to the company. The fact that they might well be taking the money and not paying commission is highly likely. So at tge end of the year as per the contract i rewuested a refund siting all the reasons. Very quickly they came saying they had reviewed my franchise and agreed to refund. They said as per the contract they would sell on the licence and so then refund. This woukd be about 60 days and possibly longer due to the time of year. A date for payment was agreed. This sounded reasonable. The agreed date was a week away and i had heard nothing. I contacted them and was told there was a dealt caused by the lawyers but the money would be sent soon. I contacted them again and was told the money was coming but tgey would compensate me for the delay offering an additional $600.

I was not happy with this and took legal advice. I had precaution letter sent go both the uk and singapore addresses. Both letters were returned as undeliverable as the addresses are false. I continued to write asking whats happening and tgey continued to say 100% the refund will come. I offered to take the money back in 5 instalments but that they didn't reply to.

I know the money for me has gone and thats $25,000 so not a small figure.

I have reported to the police cyber crime dept but it's unlikely they will do a thing as its small money even if a couple of million.

If this stops one person losing money then that's a result

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  • Aug 23, 2019

Jimmy Crangle Debbie McLean Andrew Doan Amy Flanagan Amy Flannigan Ekaterina Vargataia International TEFL Organization itefl.orgJimmy CrangleDebbie McLeanAndrew DoanAmy FlanaganAmy FlanniganEkaterina Vargataia promises large returns on a "low investment of $15,000-$30,000 for marketing its online TEFL courses as well as other franchise opportunities. This "franchise" is supposed to give you anywhere from 50%-80% of the proceeds from each sale, but making sales is almost impossible. I hired a professional marketing team to do Facebook advertising for their TEFL courses and made only 4 or 5 sales or $979 in commissions despite spending $3000/month on marketing the courses.

The company selling the franchise agreed that the people I had hired to do my marketing were good at what they did, but they warned me that selling franchises for such a large amount of money on the internet was not going to work and they would not be able to track whether the advertising was working because I might only get one sale per month.

Meanwhile, the director, Jimmy Crangle, suggested that the fact that it only took one franchise sale to justify the marketing cost was a good thing and he encouraged me to keep going despite the fact that I had been spending $3000/month and making nothing for 3+months and my marketing team said that their advertising wasn't working.

The company violated the contract by saying they would never recruit any more investors ever again after October 30, 2018. Then, they said the exact same thing in August 2019 despite writing in my contract in 2018 that they would never recruit any more investors after October 2018. They also claimed they would not maintain a force of no more than 50 franchisees despite the fact that the director later claimed he wanted to recruit hundreds of franchisees.

I have since met over 20 former franchisees who have been ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars each and made no more than a couple thousand back. Many franchisees have also noticed that they did not get credit when people they knew signed up and paid. Instead, they were simply marked as "cancelled" on the shopping cart website even though they had already paid and could verify that they had specifically used the franchisee's link to sign up.

This company is promoting a bogus TEFL course that has no independent accreditation and acts as a front for a pyramid scheme of selling franchises to more and more investors without ever being able to fulfill any of their promises to said investors despite taking tens of thousands of dollars from them in exchange for a free iPad and a luxurious training event in Thailand and encouraging everyone to spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising. This can only go on for a few months before people figure out that they can't make any money, and they have left a trail of broke victims in their wake since they began around 2011.

Whatever you do, stay far, far away from, or anything associated with Jimmy Crangle. His new marketing website is I am in a group of former franchisees who is doing everything we can to shut down this scam and expose Jimmy Crangle for what he is. He deserves to be held accountable and see his day in court.

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  • Aug 22, 2019

eEnglish is a scam operation, which promotes Master franchise 'opportunities' which cost between US$15-30K, with the idea of recruiting people to train to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

In reality, the company's focus is on recruiting more and more Master franchisees, not on developing and delivering quality online TEFL courses.

No franchisee I have spoken with has earned more than a few thousand bucks back in commissions, and when seeking to exit their contracts, none have had anywhere near their initial investment returned.

This organization is headed by Jimmy Crangle (AKA James Nichol), who has set up countless similar organizations with different names (iTEFL, eTEFL etc) over the past decades, all designed to fleece unsuspecting investors of their hard-earned money, while pretending to 'professionalize' the TEFL industry.

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