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Country Spain
City Barcelona
Address Passeig Zona Franca 191-205

eDreams Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2022

Hi there, I was planning for traveling to Turkey me and my wife to celebrate her birthday there as gift for her , so I did start looking online for a good deal tickets but my only mistake is I was so excited and in my car using my cellphone to get it thats why i get trapped in this scam website that shows a good prices to costomers and tricks them to pay fast and then they get suprise with a extra charges and big mess.

The worst is when I did double check was no contact or a real place or address for this company!!!! Then I get the feeling this a Big Scam website and they are thief's!!!! So I did request my refunds after I did my 24 hrs cancellation!!! They put me for a long waiting process so until now it's been 4 months!!! Nothing change!!! Was a visa card

  • Aug 1, 2022

I've tried to make a online booking, when I saw the price increased I came out of the booking, unfortunately, I've entered my CC because the price was lower, so they lured me into entering my CC when you decide to quit the booking , you're aldeady hooked!

They charged my CC $$236.3

-There is no phone, email

-There is no option to cancel

-they only use bot to answer to your question.

I've contacted local governement, they told me this agency is operated in Spain.


Do some research before making any booking with Edreams.

Good luck

  • Jul 17, 2022

E Dreams is an absolute nightmare. Do not ever use this company. I have been trying to get any sort of help using their customer service centre, their app, emails, phone calls and I have had zero help with regards to changing or cancelling my flights.

They say they have escalated my case and I should wait for feedback within 72 hours. Well, my flight is tomorrow and I have still heard nothing. I have collected all the evidence and I will be taking this to the European ombudsman and will be taking legal action. Their substandard service and blatant stonewalling is pure fraud.

18 July 2022

Timeline of events regarding e dreams shocking service

Jenna Viljoen e Dreams reference: 9363785606

Jenna Viljoen Virgin e ticket number: 9326993844150

Price of ticket: R13578.34

Outbound Johannesburg to London 5 July 2022

Return London to Johannesburg 19 July 2022

Paid for and confirmed through e Dreams with standard service on 16 May 2022. As per e Dreams and Virgin, this ticket may be changed or cancelled at no cost and is refundable.

Robyn Viljoen e Dreams reference: 9341139354

Robyn Viljoen Virgin e ticket number: 9326993873688

Price of ticket: R14282.27

Outbound Johannesburg to London 5 July 2022

Return London to Johannesburg 26 July 2022

Paid for and confirmed through e Dreams with standard service on 17 May 2022. As per e Dreams and Virgin, this ticket may be changed or cancelled at no cost and is refundable.

Please see tickets as attached as well as the Virgin email to e dreams attached.

Due to the fact that our visas were not issued in time, we needed to postpone the trip. I have tried without success to get any help whatsoever from e Dreams. I have tried their app, their phone service centre, emails and the customer portal, as well as numerous attempts on their help centre chat service.

Below is a timeline of events showing the best intent I had to change our bookings instead of just cancelling but due to the total lack of interest by e dreams to help in any way I now sit with a situation of having to try and get a refund from this fraudulent company.

Monday 4 July: Tried to postpone flight at 1pm on 4 July using the ‘manage my booking’ platform. It said that I could no longer change or cancel my flight online, even though I was well within the timeframe allowed. I tried to call the customer service centre using the number the app suggested (011 468 6148). I was on hold for almost 3 hours, without at any point speaking to any agent, at which point I was then cut off. See the screenshot of my phone showing the duration of the call to this number.

Tuesday 5 July: I got hold of a lady called Mpele at Virgin Atlantic trade call centre and told her the story and that we were due to fly out but hadn’t been able to get any help from e dreams re postponing the tickets for the flight out. She cancelled the 5 July tickets so that it wouldn’t show us as a no show (because if that is the case, then you lose your money).

She kept the return tickets as open and confirmed and then sent an email to e dreams detailing what she had done and asking them to urgently contact me. See attached email. Of course e dreams did not contact me at all. I then sent them an email on the same address that Virgin had used on their email to e dreams. I was then informed by email that I needed to use the customer portal, which I duly did. I then received a case number. See attached screenshot. See also email from myself to e dreams.

Wednesday 13 July: Having heard nothing back at all from e dreams I then tried on the online chat service and managed to get through to a service agent who said he would escalate the issue of the 5 July tickets as well as the change of booking date for the return flights.

I had again tried to change the return flights online on the ‘manage my booking’ app and it said I could no longer change the flights, even though the return flight for Jenna was 19 July and mine was 26 July, way more than the 1 day prior to departure blurb that they put on their ‘manage booking’ section. He said he would escalate and I would have an email answer within 72 hours.

Please see attached screenshots of the conversation with the service agent for 13 July 2022. I also tried the same thing using my computer. Please see screenshots of the computer chat call.

Saturday 16 July: Having heard nothing from e dreams I again contacted a service agent on the online chat platform. Name of agent was Muskan. He said he could see the issue had been raised with the relevant department and that they were waiting for the airline to respond. And that they would get back to me. See screenshots of the conversation and the email I sent to them.

Sunday 17 July: I tried to just cancel the tickets on the ‘manage booking’ platform and it said I could not. I tried again with the online chat agent, this time it was someone called Mrinalini Shukla. Explained situation again. He/she said they would expedite and to wait for feedback within 24 hours. She/he also said I could not cancel my tickets and that if I did I would not get a refund. When I asked why, I got no reply. See screenshots of conversation on 17 July.

It is now the 18th of July and I have had zero feedback or contact from e Dreams. I do believe that this deliberate stonewalling is a tactic they use for everyone who books with them and then needs to change or cancel. Please see screenshots of the numerous horror stories from many dissatisfied clients. This organization needs to be stopped. It is blatant fraud.

My tickets are still not cancelled or changed and I have tried my utmost through every single channel available to me to get help from e Dreams but none has been forthcoming. I think that they do this in the hope that their clients just give up and then that money spent just never gets refunded.

  • May 22, 2022

I recently purchased airline tickets for myself and 2 additional family members through this service. I have pictures of the online ordering screens on their website which do NOT disclose that the airline I chose includes 1 complimentary check-in bag per ticket. In fact, I was mislead to purchase bags for each passenger because the site showed "0" bags with a solicitation to purchase bags.

I only discovered the issue after I had completed the booking and returned to their website as it shows a total of 6 bags per leg of flight. I have tried calling their "VIP" support line multiple times. I have filled out a complaint form online and its been 12 days without a response. What we have here is a complete failure of proper disclosure by this business.

Then, they make it virtually impossible to reach someone with authority to refund the excessive baggage fees. I have provided the company with screenshots clearly showing the lack of proper disclosure but their call center (I believe in India) can't do anything because of their policy to never refund baggage fees. This seems like an intentional scam designed to steal money from customers.

  • Nov 30, 2021

Hey friends I wanted to make people aware of “edreams”. I was looking at booking a flight online yesterday to go home for Christmas and came across their flight bookings. I booked a flight from Vancouver to Lethbridge at a cost of $860. I took out the cancellation insurance for $60 thank God. When I was sent confirmation of the flight- it was leaving from Abbotsford. I immediately canceled it.

They had already taken the money out of my account for the amount of $1223.34. ?? I went onto their website and wanted a refund and all I could get was a BOT saying refunds can take up to 6 months. I don’t get angry very often but people who scam people I have zero tolerance for.

I would like to expose to everyone the kind of company edreams is. Now I have to wait until next payday to get a flight and I am hoping at that time I can still get one Please share everywhere Thanks

  • May 7, 2018

On March/14th/2018 I tried to buy 2 airline tickets for me and my wife, leaving on May 31st (São Paulo / Frankfurt / Stockholm) and back on June 17th (Copenhagen / London / São Paulo ).

In the website I finished my reservation (Reference: 3426689436) but the purchase was not authorized by the credit card. E-dreams website itself requested that a new reservation be made (Reference: 3426615765) and this time the purchase was authorized.

To my surprise, the credit card invoice due on April 9th showed DUPLICATE VALUES FOR THE TWO BOOKINGS, in spite of itineraries, passengers and dates being identical.

1999.94 euros were launched TWICE on the card. Both reservations were confirmed despite referring to the same dates, passengers and flights, that is, IDENTICAL RESERVES referring to the same purchase were charged in DUPLICITY.

A first contact with eDreams was made on March 29th, 2018 requesting the cancellation of one of the reservations by phone (55.11.38788158); two further contacts were made to check the status of the request. I received 3 emails with conflicting information reporting how long repayment would take.

  • Mar 25, 2017

Booked tickets paid it realize it's in us-dollars and not in nz dollars and flight times. Call straight away back to cancel put us on hold for 45 minutes. Finally talk to them to cancel told us 100% refund but we busy cancel tickets been cut off. Ring back one next day 45 minutes on hold again tell us had to wait 72 hours person didn't want te give name. Call back 72 hours same story it's two weeks now no luck phone calls emails no response we lost nearly $1500 and our holiday

  • Jan 20, 2017

After using eDreams last year, discovered that they had "booked" a fake flight, Alaska Air AS4000. Last year, they changed to an existing flight, but this year they did not. They also did not change a flight in China to match the airline's changing the 1st leg of our return trip to a flight 11 hours later.

eDreams claims that they let me know that the US portion of our trip had been cancelled, but I have all their emails to prove that they did not. They did notifiy me about the Thailand return flight being changed to 11 hours later. After not hearing from them about changing our China connecting flight to match the 11 hours later change, I phoned them the day before departure.

When I phoned, the representative said that our flight to and from LAX had been cancelled, and that there were no other flights available in China to make my return connection. I ended up having to book and pay for new round trip tickets to and from LAX for the first and last legs of our journey. After contacting Alaska Air, I learned that AS4000 is a non-existent flight.

A very kind and expedient China Southern Airlines representative made the adjustment to a flight leaving the next day for us. China Southern gave us a hotel room and complimentary meals, which they always do for any layovers of 8 hours or more. No more eDreams for me!

  • Apr 21, 2016

I booked in May 2015 a flight to Iceland through which is the eDreams company website. I recieved my confirmation for the booking in my email. My credit card company flagged this company as fraud (which I know realize why). I called them and emailed to have them run the card again. I got written confirmation and verbal confirmation the booking was paid for and secured.

Fast forward to March 2016 and I go to the airport with my confirmation email and number printed out. I go to check in and there is no booking. I am absolutely in shock. Furthermore, I am unable to get in touch with eDreams as they don't pick up their phone.

I end up having to purchase a much more expensive ticket.

eDreams later contacts me and apologizes. They offer to give me a refund on the difference. They ask for my bank wire transfer details. I provide that to them.

On 4/12 they show me a "confirmation" of wire. It's now 4/19 and I have nothing. I confirmed with my bank and they find it very strange as wires take only 3 days. They confirmed no wires are incoming.

This company has committed blatant fraud. Avoid at all cost. I will be filing a small claims court case against them. If you are booking a vacation, travel, hotel or anything avoid eDreams at all costs. Avoid, avoid,, all of them

eDreams is a scam and should not be in business

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