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Edgewood Property Management

Country United States
State Maryland
City Gaithersburg
Address 9711 Washingtonian Blvd
Phone 301-562-1600

Edgewood Property Management Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2016

Edgewood manages property in MD for a quasi-governmental group called the "Housing Opportunities Commission". In essence, HOMC has rental properties that are mixed income. They accept various forms of low income renters and mingle them into complexes that include "market" renters, like me, who are paying a full price rent that help subsidize others.

When we signed up for our current unit, we weren't informed of or aware of any of this. We were told by the Edgewood rep that the property was purchased by a new owner and being "transitioned" to regular rate units. This turns out to be false.

This basically means that we're paying a rate akin to luxury apartments and condos in the area for a unit that's actually, for intents and purposes, public housing. And it has most of the problems that come along with being public housing.

Our cars have been damaged significantly in the parking lot. My wife's car was struck by a hit and run driver. Both cars are covered in fresh dings, dents and scratches from careless neighbors and their kids. In fact, we were approached at one point by some kids playing outside who informed us that other neighbor kids had been spotted hitting cars in the parking lot with baseball bats.

Shortly after moving in, the empty unit next to us was occupied by squatters who broke in. The day they cleared it, it was promptly reoccupied by a woman wearing a medical bracelet spewing giibberish and the cops had to come back to throw her out too.

After renting that same unit out, the tenants got into a fight in less than a week and broke out a front window in the middle of the night.

The electricity went out at 8 PM one evening. The on-call maintenance identified the problem by 11:30 PM and determined that an electrician was required. Not only did they not call anybody, they didn't even notify the property manager (or he didn't respond, one or the other) until 8:00 the next morning, so no electrician was even called until 12 hours after the power went out. The total outage was 18 hours.

Beyond that, there's noisy kids late at night, trash everywhere (I've complained several times that there is broken glass all over my back "yard") and noisy neighbors yelling, blasting music, etc.

Through all this, through multiple complaints by phone, email and even in person when I essentially had to force my way back into the manager's office, Edgewood has been excellent at either ignoring or excusing all of it. The kids continue to run rampant in the parking lots and late at night, trash continues to be thrown wherever people happen to drop it (one kid even made a point of asking me if the corn cob he threw in front of my house was there when I got up the next day) and people continue to make completely unncessary amounts of noise (the most recent bit of fun was our neighbor watching a football game with his front door open who screamed at the top of his lungs every time a play occurred).

Edgewood's reps lied to us when we signed up about the status of the property and they've failed to bring it even remotely close to the "luxury" and "convenient" state that it was advertised as being in.

They've been excellent, however, at managing to take our unjustifiably high rent check every month.

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