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Edge Pest Control

Country United States
State Colorado
City Lakewood
Address 5815 W 6th. Ave #2D
Phone (303) 935-3343

Edge Pest Control Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2016

DON'T SIGN ANYTHING. They make you sign for your service and whoops, you just signed a 5 year contract that will cost you $500.00 to get out of. No way that is good business. Reminds me of those Cable and Cell phone contracts, you know the ones they used to do that they no longer do because IT WASN'T GOOD FOR BUSINESS. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. If any of you have used them and had this happen I suggest you right a review and warn everybody about them. They use the same tactics as Alarm Salespeople. They use summer sales people who are equipped with an app on there phone that tells them who has good credit and they target those homes.

  • Dec 10, 2015

I hired this company and it has been nothing but trouble. First, the technician was caught going through my daughters nightstand drawers. He denied it, but he was seen doing it. The company did apologize, but really, who can trust this company after that. Then, I specifically asked that they not come when I am not home. They continued to schedule service at their convenience and not mine. I doubt they ever really did the service like they were paid to do. After all, I wasn't home, so how would I know? There are plenty of bugs still around my house.

Talk about poor customer service: they won't even listen to you. All they want to do is prove they are right. I paid their $179 cancellation fee, which is a total rip-off but at least I don't have to have them coming back to my house. I can't believe I fell for their lousy contract. It is all one-sided and it is their side. Buyer beware.

  • Jul 31, 2015

This company does not adhere to any local solicitation laws, yet threatens it’s customers with arbitration and collection agency’s if the customer does not honor an agreement signed under duress. The uninvited, unannounced door to door solicitation does not give the consumer the opportunity to research or perform due diligence on this business. This is not a company that is built on solid product performance and positive customer service, but one that is morally bankrupt swindling people at their own front door.

The aggressive sales pitch has "customers" manipulated into signing service agreements, without being afforded the opportunity to read them, and then obligates the signer into a contract for hundreds of dollars, whether receiving the services or not.

Upon reading the service agreement does the customer discover that the agreement becomes binding and supersedes any and all prior oral or written understandings between the customer and the door to door sales person, thereby nullifying any conversations prior to signing the service agreement. The customer has now signed an unread agreement consenting to exclusively binding arbitration, foregoing the right to enter a lawsuit, pay all legal fees and collection costs, 50% termination fee of remaining contract and 50% of amount owing assessed to a collection agency - the misrepresentation and unconscionability of this door to door sales tactic is unscrupulous at best as a business practice. They threaten the customer with arbitration and being put into collections, as a way of bullying the consumer into paying them.

Please do not do business with this company. It will cost you hundreds of dollars and lots of time to come to any type of setlement with them.

DO NOT sign an agreement with them....

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