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Edgar Ivan Orozco

Country United States
State Colorado
City Greeley
Phone 970-355-8093

Edgar Ivan Orozco Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2022

Ivan does most of his work in Walden but lives in Greeley and takes jobs throughout northern colorado. His work is very sloppy. Him and his cousin have a ponzi scheme going, collecting deposits, saying they won't need the rest of the money till they finish, then they take 3x as long to do the work and constantly ask for more money.

They promise the world and never end up delivering even a basic level of quality. They have been known to threaten and intimidate their clients to get more money. Do not do business with them unless you want drama, poor quality work that takes months longer than promised.

This guy has a reputation for being a bully if he doesn't get his way and is well known in the northern colorado by other stucco contractors for being a fraud. stay away or deal with the consequences later.

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