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Country United States
State Florida
City Westchase
Address 11930 Race Track Rd
Phone 727-824-7800
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  • Mar 13, 2018

My girl friend and I are moving out and she wanted a stable job. She wanted to be a home health aide because they have room to advance their career. I found and they offer many courses available online. They say they are accredited in the southern region of the United States. They have a HHA course that was on the expensive side and it matches the cost of many in person hha classes. My girlfriend wanted to spend the 1250$ (all her tax refund) on the hha course they offer, but after doing some research I found that they weren't accredited by the Department of education. I spoke to them thru live chat, and was told that their Home health aide course would help me find a job and I should be wary of lower price hha courses. I thought that was fishy since they dont offer job placement assistance of any kind and then 5 minutes later dropped the price of their 1250$ course to $500... (because they are running a special)...right after telling me to be wary of lower priced courses. I tried calling their home office, but was only able to leave voicemails with no responses at all.

1 week later we decided to go over to their office on race track rd and ask our questions in person. We opened the door and were greeted by a friendly lady at a desk. We asked for more information regarding their home health aide courses. She replied "This isn't ed4online any longer. This is SW kitchens now. They left without giving the landlord notice very quickly." Keep in mind the sign is still up outside. I'm blown away.. But also feel relieved. The lady could see that we were confused and kind of stressed. She explains "I am a medical coder and knowing where you are getting your education from is very important. You should look at whether they offer job placement assistance and if they help you update your resume. That way you know that they dont just want your money. This insures they care about your success not just your money.

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