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Country United States
State Nevada
City Sparks
Address 84 Coney Island Drive
Phone 1-888-821-1143
Website Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2016

I used a website called eCycle Best, it was a company that gave you quotes on electronics you could send them for a profit. I got my laptop quoted for 800 dollars, put in all my information, printed out the shipping label, and shipped it to the address from usps. I waited 4 weeks, got only one email from ecycle that my package had shipped, than I didn't here a thing since. I tracked the shipment and saw that it had arrived, but did not get an email confirming that it had liked they promised. So I called eCycle using the number they gave me and everyday it went straight to voice message telling me I had called not during business hours, even though I had everyday. It did not leave me an option to leave a voicemail or any other form of communication. I than proceded to revisit their website for more contact information, but came to find out the company closed and all the websites were shutdown. So I'm left with no money, or my laptop.

  • Oct 13, 2016

The following is exactly what I sent the company in regards to my complaint:

The check I received from you for $19.00 was returned because (according to the merchant) your account is blocked. The returned check fees cost me $25.00, so in addition to the $19.00 I had to pay the merchant $44.00. I expect a full refund. Additionally your phone line does not work. It continually says I have reached you outside of normal business hours. It says this regardless of the time I have called. I felt like I was ripped off from the beginning of this transaction in that the estimate you provided on purchase price for my laptop was $231.00. My laptop was in excellent condition, but even if it were in poor to good condition I would never have expected to receive less than 90% of estimated value. After receiving a less than fail offer, I would have opted to have my laptop returned to me and I would have paid shipping. This was not offered as an option. I was stuck with your offer. So, here we are. I was paid less than the device was worth and was paid with a worthless check and now I'm out $44.00 (which I expect to be reimbursed). A copy of this email will be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission Fraud Department.

  • Nov 13, 2015

In October, I filled out a form on and received a quote of $410 for my 5 month old Iphone 6 plus online. I immediately accepted and mailed my iphone 6 plus back to you as soon as I received the box from them. At that time I received a quote from Gazelle for $350. several weeks went by and Ecycle sent me an e-mail offering me $34. I called and they changed the offer to $100. I declined and asked you to send my Iphone back. Upon receipt of the iphone [ several weeks]I went on the computer to Gazelle and they offered me ONLY $295 now. You said there was many things wrong with my iphone and Gazelle said it's perfect [ it was 5 months old without a scratch on it]. I spoke to another friend I recommended to you Mr D S and he received a quote [from you for a broken iphone that did not work] of $95. When he sent it in to you he was offered him $5.00. We believe you are running a scam. I will be contacting my lawyer

  • Sep 30, 2015

Tried this company as they offered a higher price than gazelle or amazon and promised green use of the phones. It turns out that they offered a ridiculously low amount in the following manner (my shorthand):

1. We will let you know what the quote is for your phone.

a. They're approach is to send a general email tha says "we've received your phone, and if you have questions, please review your account on the website"

2. We posted a deposit to your paypal account (when I had asked for a check when given the option).

a. No reference to dollar amount or assessment. When I questioned whether there was an error, they refrerred me to the terms and conditions whicn indicates that you have 5 days to get your phone back from the quote. Of course, that's not practicable unless you affirmatively follow-up on every email as somehow a notification versus a status advisory.

I emailed back that I wanted the phone back once I checked my paypal account.

3. The response is that you're past the 5 days under the terms and conditions and you need to contact purchasing. They were kind enough to provide the number.

4. In my conversation with the representative on the phone from purchasing, the conversation went along the following lines: I asked for my phone back and indicated that they had never given me the quote, advised me that the quote was available and that I would never have sent it if the offer were going to be anywhere near where they lowballed me. The representative said that it was past the 5 days and they wouldn't send the phone back but she could make an adjustment. She then said $100 (from the original $35, which even she acknowledged was low). I told her that this was below anything for a comparable quote from the time that I originally assessed vendors and repeated that I wanted the phone back. I asked for the supervisor and Brittany indicated that she was the supervisor and that I had no further recourse. I told her that I wanted the phone back, and she said no.

  • Sep 22, 2015

I sent this company my Dell computer because they offered me $86. I package it up and send it off and go back onto the website where the quote has changed to $32. After they receive my computer they tell me that they are only giving me $10. I have sent two messages to support to only get no answer. If you want to get quoted a decent price for your computer and then only get pennies on the dollar, you should go here. This place is criminal.

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